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What’s Happening in Democracy Today (10-24-17 Edition)

What’s Happening in Democracy Today (10-24-17 Edition)

A Closer look at Ranked Choice Voting, KMSP-TV (Fox) Minneapolis by Samuel King

Article explaining ranked choice voting. This is the first time Minneapolis will use RCV in their mayoral elections and King explains why RCV is beneficial.

What Seattle can learn from St. Paul about Ranked Choice Voting, Sightline Institute by Kristin Eberhard

Article talks about how ranked choice voting shaped the mayoral race in St. Paul and why Seattle could try RCV.

Next Syracuse mayor will likely get less than ½ the vote; How will he or she unite?, Syracuse Post-Standard by Chris Baker

Candidates were asked how they will unite people with having less than a majority of support and Howie Hawkins highlighted ranked choice voting to increase people’s voice, participation and power.

What is ranked choice voting?, KARE-TV (NBC) Minneapolis News by Melissa Colorado

Article provides insight to what ranked choice voting is and what voters will be expected to do when they go to the polls in Minneapolis.

Why Maine will likely vote again on ranked choice elections, Bangor Daily News by Christopher Cousins

Kyle Bailey who ran the campaign to support ranked choice voting said a people’s veto is RCV’s best chance. If successful, a people’s veto would revert Maine to the current ranked-choice voting system enacted last year.

Lawmakers Agree to Delay and maybe repeal- Maine’s Voter Approved Ranked Choice Voting Law, Maine Public Radio by Steve Mistler

Steve Mistler writes about RCV being delayed and Members of the ranked choice voting ballot initiative group say they plan to launch a people's veto campaign to overturn Monday's vote.


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