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What’s Happening in Democracy Today (10-23-17 Edition)

What’s Happening in Democracy Today (10-23-17 Edition)

Memphis Council may challenge instant runoffs with referendum, The Commercial Appeal by Ryan Poe

In 2008, 71 percent of Memphis voters supported ranked choice voting, which was endorsed by the local chapter of the NAACP and the Charter Commission. Ranked Choice voting is currently used by 13 state and local governments.

Mulroy said the math is simple: Do we want the 28 percent of voters in the general election to decide their council representative or the 5 percent who vote in runoffs?

Bill would nix gerrymandering in favor of multi-member districts, Washington Examiner by Steven Nelson

This article is about the Fair Representation Act and quotes FairVote’s Rob Richie, “It may be a tough climb, but that history may offer hope for even a long-shot reform, we know that there’s a whole history of incumbents changing rules on how they were elected.”

Study: GOP likely to retain power after 2018 midterms, Salon by Rich Robinson and Rob Richie

FairVote staffers explain the implications of FairVote's new Monopoly Politics 2018 report on the 2018 U.S. elections and introduce its report simulating the Fair Representation Act.

Senate Overrides cuts to health programs, Sentinel & Enterprise News by Bob Katzen

Article mentions ranked choice voting (RCV) is on the Election Laws Committee’s agenda for legislation allowing cities and towns to use RCV, it’s currently used in Massachusetts.

With Collins out, buckle up for a crazy race, Central Maine by Jim Fossel

Oped mentioning candidates running for governor of Maine and how the election will be interesting  “with the added wrinkle of ranked-choice voting."


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