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What’s Happening in Democracy Today (10-16-17 Edition)

What’s Happening in Democracy Today (10-16-17 Edition)

Acton senator’s ranked-choice voting bill sees sizable support in hearing, Lowell Sun

Activists with Voter Choice Massachusetts went to the Statehouse hearing room to express their support of RCV to lawmakers, with an effort to move forward on an Acton senator’s bill to make “ranked choice voting” statewide. FairVote executive director Rob Richie provided written testimony as well.

The Forces Fighting for Fairer Elections, Nation Swell

Tina Kelley writes about gerrymandering occurring on both sides of the aisle, Democrats as well as Republicans have done it. She then focuses on how advocates are changing the debate on extreme gerrymandering.

RCV bill out to pass, Lewiston, Maine Sun Journal

Donald Fellows writes about why implementing ranked choice voting is important in all state races. “The bill ought to pass in the Legislature. Anything less absolutely disrespects the vote of the people.”

Lawmaker wants to make ranked voting method constitutional, San Francisco Chronicle

An independent lawmaker wants to fix voter-approved voting method that Maine’s highest court ruled unconstitutional for some elections. Today the Legislature’s veterans and legal affairs committee will consider Rep. Kent Ackley’s bill to bring RCV law into compliance with Maine Constitution.

St. Paul Mayoral Candidates Weigh in on Minimum Wage,  KSTP-TV St. Paul, Minn.

Voters will head to the polls on November 7, and will be asked to rank up to six candidates in order of preference for the mayoral race. Both St. Paul and Minneapolis will use ranked choice voting.

Seattle City Charter Amendment 27 for Ranked Choice Voting is now underway and we need your help, FairVote Washington for Seattle CA

Seattle City Charter Amendment 27 for Ranked Choice Voting is in progress. If passed, this charter would create ranked choice voting for Seattle municipal primaries or, if state law permits, eliminate primary elections and have RCV for general elections.


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