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What’s happening in Democracy (12-01-17 Edition)

What’s happening in Democracy (12-01-17 Edition)

Counterpoint: Blame Our Voting Rules, Not Social Media, Inside Sources (Washington, DC) by Rob Richie

Op-ed piece written by Rob Richie countering the notion that social media is to blame for our current politics and partisan divides by arguing that America’s current voting rules is the true culprit.

Judge orders Santa Fe to implement ranked-choice votingAssociated Press coverage of the Santa Fe ruling. This story was also picked up in U.S. News World Reportand theMiami Herald.

Finally, voters have a choice, Santa Fe New Mexican

Santa Fe has three months to prepare for the March 2018 election, using ranked choice voting. Mayor Javier Gonzales announced on Twitter that he will introduce an emergency resolution to allocate $300,000 for the public education and implementation process.

Santa Fe ordered to implement ranked-choice voting, Albuquerque Journal by T.S. Last

Santa Fe has become the first city in New Mexico to use ranked choice voting after a state district court judge ruled that the city can’t postpone implementation of the election system any longer.

Ranked Choice Voting in Santa Fe: A guide, Santa Fe New Mexican by Tripp Stelnicki

Guide that explains how ranked choice voting works and key dates to remember.

Judge allows ranked-choice voting case to proceed, Albuquerque Journal by Megan Bennett

District Judge David Thomson heard arguments from lawyers for both the city and the group of petitioners, including Maria Perez of FairVote New Mexico, on whether Santa Fe is legally obligated to use a ranked choice voting system for the March election. There will be another hearing next Tuesday.

City Council Speaker Candidates Address Power, Reform and Transparency, Gotham Gazette by Ben Branchfeld

Seven of eight candidates running for the New York City Council convened for a forum focused on government reform, voting, elections and other topics. Candidates agreed that ranked choice voting should be adopted to avoid runoffs.

Ranked Choice Voting overcomes voters’ fear and avoids bad government, Kansas City Star by Larry R. Bradley

Larry Bradley, who attended the FairVote’s 2017 Activist Summit, writes an op-ed about the “spoiler scenario” and how a ranked choice voting ballot would mandate majority winners. 

Advocates seeking to nullify delay of ranked-choice voting, Kansas City Star

The Committee for ranked choice voting is already halfway to a goal of collecting 61,123 signatures in Maine. If signature gathering is successful, ranked choice voting will be allowed in June.


2018 primary could feature ranked choice,WCSH-TV  NBC Portland, Maine by Don Carrigan

Maine voters will have ‘a whole lot’ of candidates next year and some of those races may be decided with ranked choice voting.

Toulouse Oliver: Santa Fe has time to implement ranked choice voting, Albuquerque Journal

New Mexico Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver testified on Tuesday that there’s still time for Santa Fe to implement ranked-choice voting for municipal election next March.

Durenberger, Prince, Vetvick: Ranked voting passed its test with flying colors, Twin Cities Pioneer Press (St. Paul, MN) by Dave Durenberger, Jane Prince, and Adam Vetvick

“Not only was RCV put to the test, it passed with flying colors.” Article mentions voters came out in stronger than expected numbers, voters rejected old-school attack politics and voters attended more than two dozen mayoral forums.

Ranked choice voting would discourage partisanship, engage citizens, Madison, Cap Times by Carl Nelson

“The reason we cannot make progress is simple: Our system of electing officials is fundamentally, mathematically broken. The solution is a small change to our elections called ranked choice voting. With RCV, instead of putting a single vote on the Democrat or Republican, you rank all candidates in order of preference”

New legal opinion supports case for IRV, Saveir Memphis

Donati Law Firm released an opinion of the legal viability of the instant runoff voting plan to be established by the City of Memphis.



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