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Western Massachusetts voters show support for ranked choice voting

Western Massachusetts voters show support for ranked choice voting

Voters in two Massachusetts State House districts voiced their support for ranked choice voting on Election Day. An advisory ballot question on ranked choice voting won support from 62 percent of voters in those districts.

Voters in the 1st Hampshire and 3rd Hampshire Districts voted on the measure, which was put on the ballot by advocates who gathered 200 signatures in each district. Ballot questions like these help gauge voter support of reforms. Advocates can now take these results to city councils in Massachusetts to make the case that Massachusetts voters want to use RCV to elect their representatives.

Amherst, one of the eight cities in these two districts, voted overwhelmingly in favor of the measure with 6,435 “Yes” votes and 2,834 “No” votes. Amherst adopted RCV for its local elections when it passed a new city charter in March of this year. The city will begin using RCV for their elections in 2021.  If support for the advisory question is any indication, Amherst will be be joined by more Massachusetts cities before then.

Massachusetts state representatives may also take notice: there are bills for statewide and local ranked choice voting in the Massachusetts General Court (its state legislature) now that interested representatives could easily support.

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