Welcome to the New FairVote!

Posted Krist Novoselic on DECEMBER 14, 2015

Welcome to our new website! FairVote was born in 1992 – the dawn of the communication revolution. We believe our democracy also needs a reboot with reforms such as Ranked Choice Voting, National Popular Vote, and an affirmative right to vote in the Constitution.

Dissatisfaction with our democratic processes dominates our public discourse. A lot has changed since 1992. However, when it comes to voting, it is as if we’re still using a DOS system or beige Macintosh. Gerrymandering, no-choice elections, and special interests dominating presidential swing-states feel like a computer freeze or terribly slow download!

FairVote is the only advocacy group in the United States calling for an update to the operating system of democracy. We want inclusive elections and the way to get them is through meaningful choices on the ballot.

I hope you like our new site and invite you to engage with us as we create a more perfect union.

Along with our new website, we've given our logo a new look. It reflects our forward-looking mission to make American democracy fair, functional, and fully representative.  

Krist Novoselic
FairVote, Chair

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