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Welcome to our New FairVote Leadership

Welcome to our New FairVote Leadership

Over the past year, ranked choice voting (RCV) has seen extensive success—including use in 11 cities, five presidential primaries, and expansion to New York City. Now, RCV has expanded to over 20 jurisdictions that contain more than 12 million Americans.

But the fight is not over. Across the country, Americans who are tired of our divisive first-past-the-post system are clamoring for change. They’re writing letters to representatives, venting on social media, and talking to their neighbors. They’re ready to rank—and so are we.

To meet this growing appetite for RCV, FairVote is expanding. We are excited to announce the hiring of two new staff members to our leadership team, one major promotion, and an addition to our Board of Directors.

Khalid Pitts joins FairVote as Executive Vice President of Policy and Programs after a 20+ year career in national politics.

Ashley Houghton joins FairVote as Communications Director after having previously worked at Amnesty International USA.

Sangita Sigdyal will now serve as Executive Vice President for Strategic Partnerships  and Operations at FairVote.

Jennifer Nassour, former chair of the Massachusetts Republican Party and candidate for Boston city council, joins FairVote’s Board of Directors.

With this expansion, FairVote will be better suited to address the opportunities and needs of an exciting year ahead.

In the coming months, voters in Alaska—and, we hope, Massachusetts and North Dakota—will have the opportunity to vote on the method. Furthermore, for the first time ever, RCV will be used to allocate electoral votes in Maine’s November general election.

FairVote is committed to working tirelessly for a better democracy. That’s because all American voters deserve a voice and choice in our elections.  With these exciting changes, FairVote is better equipped to fight on their behalf.


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