Voter Education and Election Analysis

Voter Education

Maine Uses Ranked Choice Voting, joint project of the League of Women Voters of Maine and Maine Citizens for Clean Elections

Elections & Voting 2018, League of Women Voters of Maine

Resources for Ranked-choice Voting, Maine Department of Secretary of State

You can also find more information on RCV in Portland from local government and organizations:

Committee for Ranked Choice Voting

Portland City Clerk


Election Analysis

Maine statewide June 2018 primary election analysis

FairVote will provide analysis following Maine's June 2018 ranked choice voting primary elections here.

Portland, 2011 mayoral election analysis

In Portland in 2011, there were only 32 invalid ballots out of 20,212 ballots cast, or 0.16%. Also, the winner of the election, Michael Brennan, earned most first choices and was also the most successful at reaching out to supporters of other candidates and gaining 2nd, 3rd, and 4th choice votes.

FairVote Round by Round Analysis

More election observations from election observer Dorothy Scheeline.

Exit Survey of Early Voters

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