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Voter Choice Act reintroduced in Congress

Voter Choice Act reintroduced in Congress

Senator Michael Bennet and Representative Dean Phillips just reintroduced the Voter Choice Act (S. 2939/H.R. 5500) in Congress, with Senator Angus King as a co-sponsor. The bill empowers communities with the option to reform their own elections by providing funding and technical support to state and local governments that want to switch to ranked choice voting (RCV).

RCV is the fastest growing election system in the nation, with dozens of cities around the country using it this year alone. It has this momentum because its merits are clear: RCV rewards candidates who can appeal to the widest set of voters, incentivizes positive campaigning, and can reduce costs to communities by replacing runoff elections. The Voter Choice Act will simply make the process of implementing RCV even easier.

“Partisanship is imperiling our democracy and impeding progress, and we need creative reforms to make government work again for the American people. I believe ranked choice voting can improve our elections by giving voters more choices, discouraging slash-and-burn politics, and rewarding candidates who appeal to a broad majority of voters. Our bill supports states and local governments that choose to adopt this promising reform.” - Senator Michael Bennet

Representative Phillips spoke about how RCV can help reduce the partisan divisions in American society.

“Our democracy is at a crossroads. Amid historic division and partisan rancor, we must take meaningful action to improve our electoral system from the ground up,” said Phillips. “That is why, as cities, states, and even political parties – both red and blue – have recognized, we need ranked choice voting. RCV is simple, empowers voters, and rewards candidates who broaden support beyond their base. The Voter Choice Act provides financial resources and technical assistance to communities seeking to adopt RCV without imposing a mandate on communities not yet ready for change.” - Representative Dean Phillips

Senator King explained that RCV helps accurately capture what voters want.

“Ranked Choice Voting is an opportunity to incentivize candidates – and as a result, elected officials – to build consensus rather than exploit divisions, better reflecting the will of the American people. The process is, in essence, an instant runoff that allows the priorities of voters to be more accurately captured on Election Day without the added expense to taxpayers of a completely new tally. Our bill will provide logistical support to the state and local governments that choose to adopt Ranked Choice Voting, allowing them to make the choice that will best serve their citizens.” - Senator Angus King

If you want to rank the vote in your community, ask your Senators and Representatives to support the Voter Choice Act today. 

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