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Virginia U.S. Senate candidate is happy to “own” negative campaigning

Virginia U.S. Senate candidate is happy to “own” negative campaigning

Today’s issue of Express, the commuter edition from The Washington Post, contains a highlighted comment from Virginia U.S. Senate candidate Corey Stewart which perfectly encapsulates what’s wrong with American politics these days. He blithely says,

“People know that you’re going to attack your opponent. My feeling is you should just own it.”

Here’s a newsflash for you, sparky: politics doesn’t have to be a dirty game where candidates sling mud at each other in order to denigrate their opponent to win an election.

With ranked choice voting, candidates like Stewart would actually have an incentive to talk about issues instead of cutting down their opponents. Winning RCV candidates appeal not to their base alone, but to a wider electorate, who would consider them as a second choice, if they are backing someone else first.

American voters deserve better from our elected leaders. It’s time to stop with childish, playground behavior and make them give us a reason to vote for them, not against them.

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