Upload Ranked Choice Voting Data

Upload Your Own Ranked Choice Voting Data

Ranked choice voting doesn't just work great for cities and localities across the country, it can also be used in any different type of election to give voters more choices and make outcomes fair. For example, ranked choice voting is recommended for businesses, institutions and organizations hosting internal elections by Robert's Rules of Order. Universities and colleges across the country also use ranked choice voting to elect student positions. FairVote's App allows all these entities and anyone using ranked choice voting in their elections to easily visualize the results of these races even if they are hosted off of the Civinomics platform.
Our App allows users to upload pre-existing data from any previous ranked choice contest to visually represent each round of voting. While this functionality is still in Beta phase, it can provide a valuable tool for anyone looking to capture the results of a ranked choice election hosted off of our Civinomics platform. Uploading your ranked choice data with our tool allows views to click through individual rounds of voting and easily access aggregate data for rounds in the chart at the bottom.

Download FairVote's example data, and then use our instructions to re-create the Favorite Flavors of Ice Cream poll show below. If you encounter and questions with this new feature, feel free to reach out to [email protected]



Example Data Upload Poll: Ice Cream Flavors

https://civinomics.com/polls/129146/resultsheight:60vh; width:60vw; margin-top: -60px;

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