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U.S. Wins World Cup: Lloyd Voted MVP

U.S. Wins World Cup: Lloyd Voted MVP

In a spectacular display of offensive power, the U.S. blew by Japan to secure a 5-2 victory in the Women’s World Cup. In front of a packed arena that included Vice President Joe Biden, breakout star Carli Lloyd scored a hat trick (three goals) in the first sixteen minutes of play. Assisted by goals from Lauren Holiday and Tobin Heath, Japan’s late-in-the-game offensive rally couldn’t compete with Hope Solo’s near-airtight goaltending. Following Heath’s goal in the 55th minute, Japan was unable to narrow the U.S.’s three goal lead for the remainder of the game. With this victory, the U.S. earns a record third Women’s World Cup Title.

FairVote has been joining in the excitement of the World Cup by hosting a poll on the team’s Most Valuable Player, using ranked choice voting (RCV). We’re excited to announce that the overwhelming winner of our poll is power midfielder and future American soccer icon, Carli Lloyd.

Voters must have seen Lloyd’s star performance coming, because they overwhelmingly chose Lloyd as their #1 pick for MVP. Of the thirty fans who voted, fifteen listed Lloyd at the top of their ballots, five fans each chose Julie Johnston and Hope Solo, three chose Abby Wambach, and only 2 chose Alex Morgan. If we were doing a regular poll for MVP, this is all the information we would have. Let’s be honest--nobody was going to challenge Carli Lloyd for MVP after her historic World Cup Final performance. But because we used RCV and voters ranked players in order of their preference, we have a little clearer picture of Lloyd’s support among the rest of voters

We know, for example, that when Alex Morgan was eliminated, one of her supporters had listed Lloyd second, and that vote was transferred to Lloyd (See image below).To see how votes are transferred when each of the lowest vote-getting candidate is eliminated, check out the results page here.

In total, Lloyd gained 5 additional votes because she was the second choice of many Alex Morgan, Hope Solo, and Abby Wambach fans. Lloyd ended up winning our poll with two-thirds of the votes cast; a lead almost as commanding as her scoring record in last night’s game. RCV ensures that every vote matters -- even when your first choice doesn’t turn out to be the winner. It’s a win for democracy! Head over to our website to learn more about how RCV gives more choice and more power to voters in every election.

If you have suggestions for what you want to vote on in our next RCV poll, you can tweet them to us @FairVote or message them to us on Facebook. Congratulations to the U.S. Women’s World Cup team on their resounding victory, and to FairVote’s MVP, Carli Lloyd!

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