Educational Handouts:

Single Winner Ranked Choice Voting one-pagers:

Single-Winner Ranked Choice Voting

Multi Winner Ranked Choice Voting one-pagers: 

Multi-Winner Ranked Choice Voting

Congressional Legislation one-pagers: 

Fair Representation Act

Ranked Choice Voting Act

RCV in Action 2017-2018 one-pager: 

RCV in Action 2017-2018 one-pager

RCV at the Oscars one-pager:

Ranked Choice Voting at the Oscars

Get involved one-pager: 

Get Involved 

Other materials:

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Demonstration ballots (edit with Adobe Acrobat):

RCV ballot (4 rankings)

RCV ballot (5 rankings)

RCV ballot (6 rankings)

RCV ballot (7 rankings)


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Sample Organizing Materials

Ranked Choice Voting Presentation

Sign-up sheet

Mock election instructions (RCV Ballots found above)


Model Legislation

We have a great legal team that is willing to work with activists and legislators to craft legislation that makes sense for your particular elections, but this page provides a number of different pieces of model legislation based on laws where RCV is currently used for anyone interested.


Online Election Tools

OpaVote is another great tool for online elections and polls, that allows voters to decide if they want to do either a single-winner or multi-winner RCV election.


Outside Organizations

Ranked Choice Voting Resource Center - This project of FairVote is a team of seasoned election administrators with experience running ranked choice voting elections. They are an invaluable resource for voters election administrators, policymakers, and candidates who are interested in learning about how RCV can be used in their elections. Be sure to also check out their great webinar series.

CallYourRep - Find out who your representatives in Congress are and how to contact them here.

Verified Voting - Verified Voting is the go-to destination on the web for information about the voting equipment used to run elections across America. While their news and blogs are worth checking in on, probably the most useful page on their site for RCV activists is the equipment verifier map and search page.

Sightline Institute - This is a great resource for groups operating in the Pacific Northwest. Of particular interest may be the Action Plan for Ranked-Choice-Ready Voting Equipment.


External Videos

While FairVote has made a number of videos explaining how RCV works and advocating for its use, we are by no means the only ones! So, here are some videos from external sources which you may find interesting or helpful in explaining RCV.

Ranked Choice Voting explained in 39 seconds - A very brief explanation of single-winner RCV put together by Ottawa Public Radio.

Libby Explains Ranked Choice Voting - Then-candidate and current Oakland, CA mayor Libby Schaaf explains how RCV works in Oakland elections. Note that some municipalities, like Oakland, limit the number of rankings you can make. For this reason, Libby advocates for strategic voting with 2nd and 3rd choice options. While this is by no means necessary if voters prefer to vote their true preferences, in cases like this with limited rankings, that will increase the likelihood of voters being represented through every round of tabulation.

The Alternative Vote - the Post-it way! - In the UK, ranked choice voting is also known as "the alternative vote". This video was made as part of a campaign to bring RCV to UK elections and, like these favorite videos of ours from Minnesota Public Radio, uses Post-it notes to show how voting works in an RCV election.

Ranked Choice Voting - An ad from the successful Maine RCV initiative campaign in 2016 from the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting.

Ballot Box Update: Maine Ranked Choice Voting Initiative, Question 5 - Our friends at Ballotpedia also created an ad for that campaign, though since they were not advocating for RCV like the Committee for Ranked Choice Voting was, this one is strictly informational.

Ranked Choice Voting Explanation from New Zealand - While the focus is largely on the New Zealand Parliament and how RCV relates to the non-dominant parties there, this nonetheless provides a good explanation of single-winner RCV.

Politics in the Animal Kingdom: Single Transferable Vote - Another of our favorites to use to explain how multi-winner RCV (called STV, or single transferable vote, in this video) works. Note: There are different methods of determining the threshold to win, and this example uses one which we don't advocate for. The video-maker followed this one up with these three videos, the last of which explains the differences between those two methods. The first of these also discusses "exhausted ballots" and what to do with second-ranked votes for already eliminated candidates. The second discusses using multi-winner districts of different sizes, particularly relevant in the context of the Fair Representation Act.

Single transferrable vote explained - A great explanation of multi-member RCV as used in Scottish local elections.

La votación por orden de preferencia explicada - This video, posted to the Facebook page of Spanish-language Vida y Sabor Magazine, explains how RCV works in Spanish leading up to the recent RCV election in Minneapolis.

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