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Help Fund the Movement for Better Elections

Help Fund the Movement for Better Elections

I want to express my thanks to all of you in our growing family of donors.

Please consider a contribution to FairVote. Your donation will help pass election reforms that make our nation stronger and fairer for everyone.

Our year-end letter has a summary of why 2021 was an historic year for us and how we are scaling for even greater impact in 2022.

Our Board Chair, Alice Underwood, wrote:

"I volunteer my time to lead our board of directors and keep increasing my personal donations to FairVote for a reason: I deeply care about the state of our republic. I couldn't be more excited about what the staff is doing to seize this moment."

History suggests that major change is most likely to be won when Americans face deep challenges. In that spirit I would ask you to support our vital mission. 

We have set a goal to raise more than a million dollars by the year’s end. Will you consider making a donation that is personally meaningful to you? 

With deep appreciation,

Rob Richie
President and CEO

P.S. Recurring donors and donors will be invited to join an upcoming online strategy session with our staff. We will invite donors of at least $1000 in 2021 to join our discussion with a leading supporter in Congress. Please join us!


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