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Third Way: Empower voters through ranked choice voting

Third Way: Empower voters through ranked choice voting

If America was built on a foundation of democracy, voting is its cornerstone. Fixing our flawed voting system, therefore, is crucial to strengthening and protecting our democracy, as David de la Fuente and Lanae Erickson Hatalsky explain in their latest piece for Third Way.

Among the many reforms they tout as instrumental in voter reform: ranked choice voting. As they write, ranked choice voting “empowers voters by giving them real choice,” inherently protecting majority rule by ensuring winners earn more than 50 percent of votes.

And as research suggests, ranked choice voting comes with a whole host of other benefits: improved voter participation, broader fields of candidates, and more civil campaigns, to name a few.

Also included in their recommended overhaul are ending closed primaries and party caucuses, enacting automatic voter registration and taking the power of district drawing out of the hands of politicians.

It’s heartening to hear fellow advocates trumpeting the cause of more fair and democratic elections and we share their conviction that our broken system can, in fact, be fixed by key reforms to our voting method.

Read the full Third Way article here.

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