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Third Candidates Series Looks at Candidates Outside the Two Major Parties

Third Candidates Series Looks at Candidates Outside the Two Major Parties


As we prepare for an historic presidential election, many voters are stuck between a rock and a hard place. The countdown to November is getting closer and closer, and voters across the country feel that they are limited to two choices: either they vote for Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump. Because of our current system, many of these voters feel that voting for an independent or third party is a wasted vote on a candidate that can’t win--or worse, will help the candidate they like least win. Voters deserve better.

The 2016 election between two of the most disliked candidates has voters balancing on the fence choosing between the lesser of two evils. Independents and Green Party candidates have a huge disadvantage as many voters are fearful of wasting or splitting their vote. However, the idea of wasting a vote is not true. “When over 40% of Americans identify as independents why is it considered rare?” ask Jake Simms and John Farrell, the founders of a documentary series Third Candidates that follows independents as they continue to improve our electoral systems. They will also take a closer look into organizations that advocate for a fair democracy.

There is a sensible solution to relieve this fear and frustration that several voters continue to face while elections are just around the corner. Ranked choice voting creates not just fair representation for voters, but also empowers voters, make candidates more accountable to the people, and fosters more civil campaigns. Follow Jake and John as they create four informative episodes on the changes that are being made to make for a more perfect union.

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