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The Onion Reports a "Gerrymandering Mishap"

The Onion Reports a
The Onion, a satirical magazine, released an article titled "Gerrymandering Mishap Leaves Nation Without Any Borders Whatsoever." Here's the highlight:
WASHINGTON—Urging calm after citizens awoke to find the country’s political boundaries had disappeared completely, authorities announced Thursday that a devastating gerrymandering blunder had left the United States devoid of any district, state, or national borders whatsoever. “Though our investigation is still ongoing, it appears the North Carolina General Assembly may have inadvertently wiped out all local and federal boundaries while redrawing the state’s already heavily manipulated fourth congressional district late last night,” said White House press secretary Josh Earnest, addressing the millions of panicked Americans now living in flux and untethered to any known county, city ward, rural township, or municipal water district.
This Onion article reflects a serious reality regarding congressional districts: redrawing is ridiculous. As FairVote wrote in Monopoly Politics 2014 and the Fair Voting Solution, the 2011-12 redistricting process led to fewer competitive districts and a bias toward whichever party controlled the state legislature in each state. When a district is safe for a party representative, voters lose their chance to influence the election outcome and, by extension, their voices in the democratic process.

How might we solve the problem of the complicated redistricting process, which leaves many voters without a say in the election of U.S. Representatives? FairVote explains:
"The only reform that would truly ensure that the will of all voters is reflected in the U.S. House is passing a statute to replace winner-take-all elections with fair representation voting systems in multi-member "super districts."
Fair representation voting systems in multi-member districts would allow voters in a given geographic area to have multiple representatives, perhaps of multiple parties so that both Democrats and Republicans from a given region have a voice in Congress. Fair representation voting systems in multi-member districts would give all voters a real chance to influence the outcome of competitive elections.

FairVote demonstrates the advantage of fair representation voting systems in depth in the its Monopoly Politics report. Read more here.

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