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The ‘Fortune’ of more representative democracy

The ‘Fortune’ of more representative democracy

Fortune Magazine delves deep into ranked choice voting, talking to advocates and allies about how and why it benefits democracy. Meanwhile, a Nashville pastor makes the case for RCV for city voters, while gerrymandering cases in Ohio and Michigan up the ante for redistricting reform and more in the latest media round-up.

Press hits

What is ranked choice voting? An exercise in representative democracy, reformers say Fortune

An explainer on ranked choice voting featuring FairVote's Rob Richie as well as several state and national allies

So goes Maine? National reform coalition supports open primaries, ranked choice voting initiatives Independent Voter Network

The National Association of Nonpartisan Reformers announced plans to match contributions to support expanding ranked choice voting in Maine

Opinion and editorials

Place ranked choice voting on the ballot. Nashville needs more democracy, not less Tennessean

Guest column by local associate pastor backing ranked choice voting for Nashville 

Have court rulings in Michigan and Ohio turned the tide on partisan gerrymandering? Salon

FairVote Senior Fellow Dave Daley writes on Michigan and Ohio court rulings as a sign of new attitude and sanctions against partisan gerrymandering

Want to fix presidential elections? Here’s the quickest way Politico Magazine

Ohio State law prof. Edward Foley pitches ranked choice voting for battleground states as an easy reform to presidential elections, no amendment needed

Radicalizing the vote: 10 ideas that might save democracy The Philadelphia Inquirer

University of Kentucky law professor and author Josh Douglas names ranked choice voting among 10 ways to improve democracy


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