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The Atlantic: Fair Representation Act offers ‘a better way’

The Atlantic: Fair Representation Act offers ‘a better way’

The rigged rules of our election system give rise to leaders who often don’t represent the viewpoints and voices of the people they’re intended to serve.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the U.S. House of Representatives, which has been securely under Republican control for the last five terms, as Parker Richards writes in his latest piece for The Atlantic.

But as frustration with partisan politics and lack of representation reaches a boiling point, a solution has emerged in the form of the Fair Representation Act.

The legislation, sponsored by U.S. Rep Don Beyer of Virginia, would transform Congressional elections, using multi-member districts with winners chosen through ranked choice voting to create proportional representation.

The result, as supporters including Beyer and FairVote co-founders Rob Richie and Cynthia Terrell tell The Atlantic, is a political environment that incentivizes bipartisanship and true competition while also increasing representation for historically long-underrepresented demographics such as women and people of color.

Given the largely Democratic support for this comprehensive reform, Richard writes that momentum could face a setback if the oft-discussed “blue wave” indeed sweeps the House in the upcoming midterms. Conversely, big losses for Democratic candidates could accelerate passage of the Fair Representation Act “as one way to fix a system that causes the winners of the popular vote to lose elections,” according to Richards.

But election reform is not a partisan issue, evidenced by the plethora of political leaders and voters from across the political spectrum who have backed for ranked choice voting, independent redistricting and many other ways to strengthen democracy.

No matter the outcome on Nov. 6, we remain optimistic that the Fair Representation Act will continue to win hearts and minds as an evidence-based and simple-to-enact solution to our rigged and imbalanced political system.

Read Richards’ piece for The Atlantic here.

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