Terry Bouricius

Senior Outreach Advisor

Terry Bouricius

Terry Bouricius was elected to the Board of Aldermen in Burlington, Vermont in 1981. He served on the Board of Aldermen (city council) for ten years, and then for another decade as a member of the Vermont House of Representatives. He was a founder of the Vermont Progressive Party, which has over a dozen elected officials currently serving. He has also worked as an election administrator for both governmental and non-profit organization elections. After leaving elective office in 2001, he worked with FairVote as an election reform policy analyst, with a particular focus on ranked choice voting, and is currently a senior fellow with FairVote. In 2015 he organized an international conference on 21st Century Democracy hosted by the Library of Alexandria in Egypt. He has published many articles and book chapters about democracy and sortition. Bouricius received his political science B.A. from Middlebury College in 1976. He is married with two children.

Posts by Terry Bouricius

Lost Votes in Vermont State Senate Elections

Posted on September 10, 2012

This study was prompted by unusual results of a standard analysis of the ratio of party votes received compared to legislative seats won. Typically, in winner take all voting systems such as Vermont’s, there is a deviation from a one to one ratio, which overrepresents the largest party, and may be exaggerated further as the result of gerrymandering. Vermont’s Senatorial Districts are less prone to gerrymandering, being based largely on preexisting county boundaries. A superficial look at the Vermont 2000 election for governor raises a question.

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