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Voter Fraud: Let's Modernize Voter Registration First

Posted on What's New Christina Grier on October 07, 2011

A conference hosted by the Heritage Foundation focused on the importance of fair elections, in which implementing voter ID laws across the country would be essential. But when it comes to voter fraud, there are institutional barriers currently in place that if reformed, would help ensure that the integrity of the election process not be compromised in any way. Such reforms would alleviate the burdens put on voters, while handing over duties such as registering voters and updating registration rolls, over to the states and federal government.

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Modernizing Voter Registration: An Overview of the American Enterprise Institute Conference

Posted on What's New Christina Grier on September 06, 2011

Electoral reform experts gathered together on September 19th for a conference on modernizing voter registration. Panelists discussed the current registration system, and provided solutions that will bring voter registration into the 21st century. 

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The Next Generation of Reformers: Reasons for Young People to Get Involved in the Electoral Reform Movement

Posted on What's New Dorothy Scheeline on August 24, 2011

A lot of the people advocating for structural changes do so because we have problems with the established political culture. The group of people that is 18-29 right now has a lot of reasons to want deep systemic change soon. Because of this, I think that over the next decade we will see groups that are focused on young people intensify their advocacy efforts for election reform issues.

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Rossello v. United States and the Right to Vote for Puerto Rico

Posted on What's New Jo Mckeegan on June 30, 2011

Brought in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights  by former governor of Puerto Rico Pedro Rossello, Rossello v. United States addresses the lack of a right to cast a ballot and have such ballots counted in national elections for president and Congress by residents of Puerto Rico. Petitioner Rossello has been disenfranchised, along with all other residents of Puerto Rico, despite his American citizenship,  based solely on his area of residence within the United States. The case raises larger issues about voting rights for Americans who live in American "colonies" that are not states.

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The Constitutional Right to Vote Blog: Rock the Blog!

Posted on What's New Jo Mckeegan on June 13, 2011

 “The right of citizens of the United States, who are eighteen years of age or older, to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the United States or by any State on account of age.” While the language of the 26th amendment is intended to serve young people well, it still leaves open a loophole in Constitutional law- while young people cannot be discriminated against based on their age, they can be denied the chance to vote, or have their ability to vote abridged, for reasons that can also undercut voting rights for older citizens. 

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The Right to Vote Blog: The Root Cause of Maryland Voter Registration Failures

Posted on What's New Right To Vote Blog, Jo Mckeegan on March 04, 2011

What if you thought you had gone through the process of making sure you could vote, but later were denied the chance to do so on Election Day?

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Three Steps to a Smart Vote for the Upcoming Election

Posted on What's New Emily Hellman, Loqmane Jamil on October 14, 2010

At FairVote, we acknowledge elections can sometimes be confusing. As voters, we occasionally need to check the rules, too. However, with a few good resources voting does not need to be intimidating. Below are three steps to make your vote count.

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Re-Registering to Vote After Moving Out of State

Posted on What's New Jo Mckeegan on September 15, 2010

A practical question arose this afternoon: how long after you move should you change your voter registration? Obviously, a voter should be registered where s/he actually lives and gets mail, but when should the voter make the switch? Can you wait a week? A month? A year?

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FairVote testifies to Maryland Senate Committee

Posted on What's New Pauline Lejeune on February 26, 2010

Yesterday, the Maryland Senate Education, Health & Environmental Committee held a public hearing on several election bills. FairVote’s Right to Vote Director Adam Fogel testified in favor of two of the bills that are sponsored by Sen. Jamie Raskin (D-20): -    SB 292, which will set a uniform voter registration age of 16 -    SB 293, which will establish a permanent absentee ballot list.

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Setting the Record Straight on Universal Voter Registration

Posted on What's New Adam Fogel on February 03, 2010

Right to Vote director Adam Fogel sets the record straight about universal voter registration.

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