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Seven Ways Ranked Choice Voting is Empowering Voters in 2015

Posted on What's New Drew Penrose on November 04, 2015
Seven Ways Ranked Choice Voting is Empowering Voters in 2015

Election Day 2015 has come and gone, and voters in cities in six states again found that they were not limited to marking only one candidate, but had the ability to rank the candidates in order of choice. Here are seven ways RCV worked around the country this year.

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Fixing Top Two with Open General Elections: the Colorado Innovation

Posted on What's New Drew Penrose on May 27, 2014

Opening primary elections to include all voters should not mean closing general elections when most people vote, as it has in California and Washington and may soon in Oregon. Fortunately, an alternative proposal in Colorado is gaining momentum.

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Help FairVote MN's Ranked Choice Voting Video Win Thousands of Dollars For Fairer Elections!

Posted on What's New on May 15, 2013

Today is the last day to show your support for ranked choice voting and FairVote Minnesota in the [email protected] contest. Vote now!

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FairVote's First Take on RCV Elections in Four Bay Area Cities

Posted on What's New Mollie Hailey on November 12, 2012

Ballots for Tuesday’s ranked choice voting (RCV) elections in four cities in the Bay Area are still being counted, but it is clear that RCV has again worked well. FairVote found that voters used the system effectively, election officials were smart to make it a true "instant runoff" and candidates of color again were elected in high numbers.

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RCV Election Results: Portland and San Francisco

Posted on What's New Sheahan Virgin, Katie P. Kelly on November 11, 2011

Updated! This November, ranked choice voting (RCV) elections took place in six cities in the United States. Here is a visual breakdown of each ranked choice voting round in the San Francisco (CA) elections for Mayor, District Attorney and Sheriff and in the Portland (ME) mayoral election. In Portland, Michael Brennan led in the first round and was the strongest candidate in securing votes from backers of defeated candidates, winning with 56% when matched against his strongest opponent. In San Francisco, Interim Mayor Ed Lee led in the first round and also expanded his lead during the count, securing 60% of the final round tally.

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Major Legal Victory for Ranked Choice Voting — and Reform

Posted on What's New Lesley Delaney Hawkins on June 16, 2011

On May 20th, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously upheld a lower federal court ruling rejecting a legal challenge to the City of San Francisco's use of ranked choice voting (RCV, also known as instant runoff voting, or IRV). The three-judge panel emphatically dismissed the plaintiffs' arguments, including a particularly clear rejection of the claim that RCV violates the principles of one-person, one-vote or equal protection under the law.

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Egypt's parliamentary elections — The roots of a democracy in denial

Posted on What's New Arab Spring Series, Wael Abdel Hamid on January 18, 2011

In 2010, Egypt held parliamentary elections which were widely criticized at home and abroad as corrupt and anti-democratic. Of particular concern was the fate of the Muslim Brothers, who had risen to prominence as the main opposition party in the 2005 elections, only to be swept completely out of Parliament in 2010.This article makes a little overview of Egyptian institutions before analyzing the roots of the last Egyptian electoral crisis. 

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