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Anything but Fair: The Sad Tale of the Canadian Election System

Posted on What's New Sarah John on October 16, 2015

Canada likely will soon have another minority government . Pollsters project the Liberal Party will lead with between 110 and 150 seats, likely besting the incumbent Conservative Party government. No Canadian party has topped 40% of the vote since 2000, and plurality elections  result in severe distortions in representation. The Liberals' platform includes a call for ranked choice voting.

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Success for Proportional Representation in Sri Lanka

Posted on What's New Tenneh Dukuly on August 28, 2015
Success for Proportional Representation in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka uses an open list proportional system to elect its parliament every five years, in which voters may choose to vote for a party or a candidate within a party.

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The 2015 Turkish Election: A More Proportional Result than Usual

Posted on What's New on June 26, 2015

The Turkish election in June 2015 was remarkable for many reasons. In this short piece, FairVote's Robert Buderi explores the ins and outs of the 2015 campaign and the operation of Turkey's party list proportional system. Buderi shows that a high national threshold in a proportional representation system tends to undermine the proportionality of election results and introduce some of the problems rife in winner-take-all plurality systems like the US and Britain. 

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Millions of 16- and 17 years olds vote in Brazilian Presidential Election, but no President Elected

Posted on What's New Mike Macnevin on October 23, 2014

Brazilians flocked to the polls on October 5, 2014, to vote for their next president. Yet, after all the votes were counted, no one was elected. This blog entry briefly explores the use of runoff elections in Brazil before discussing the growing worldwide movement to repeat Brazil's enfranchisement of  16 and 17 year olds.

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