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Not Helping America Vote: The Plight of the Un-filled Election Assistance Commission

Posted on What's New Elizabeth Hudler on December 20, 2012

Creating an active EAC is a simple positive step – and one that happens to be the law. Reform should be about systemic, enduring solutions, not just shorter lines. #wehavetofixthat

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New Commitment to Our Most Basic Right

Posted on What's New Mollie Hailey on December 13, 2012

Attorney General Holder has observed that, “too many citizens have reason to fear that their right to vote, their access to the ballot – and their ability to have their votes counted – is under threat.” Through reform of the systemic problems that plague our electoral process, we can combat this threat. We will ultimately need to think and act nationally; but now is the time for all of us to get involved in that effort in our cities and states.

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Pledge to Stand with Voters: A New FairVote Initiative

Posted on What's New Elizabeth Hudler on November 08, 2012

With our pledge to Stand with Voters FairVote asserts that it's time to fight for democratic principle over partisan politicking. Promoting and protecting our representative democracy is far more important than seeking short-term advantage in electoral rules.

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From the Mouth of the President to the Ears of the People: We Have to Fix That

Posted on What's New Elizabeth Hudler on November 08, 2012

  As was expected, problems at the polls abounded on November 6, nationwide. While glitches were reported across the country, voter-rights watchers paid particular attention to the swing states, where obstacles to ballot access in the form of registration ambiguities, voting-day misinformation, voter suppression tactics, and long, exhausting (and cold!) lines had potential to lower turnout and affect outcomes. President Barack Obama in his acceptance speechTuesday night, thanked people for waiting in those lines --- and then added, “By the way, we have to fix that.”  

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New Report Highlights Our Primary Turnout Problem

Posted on What's New on October 05, 2012

A new report on plunging turnout in federal primary elections underscores a crisis of non-participation in American elections -- one that is far more pronounced and troubling in primary elections and city elections than for higher-profile elections for president and Congress. There are concrete actions we could take to boost participation and give voters more choice and better representation in our elections.

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Right to Vote Advocates Give Testimonies to US Senate Judiciary Committee

Posted on What's New Right To Vote Blog, Christina Grier on September 08, 2011

On September 8, 2011, the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee held a hearing on state voting laws, in particular, laws that could be seen as suppressing voter turnout. Advocates spoke about why a right to vote is so necessary, and not simply amendments that prevent voters from discrimination.

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The Next Generation of Reformers: Reasons for Young People to Get Involved in the Electoral Reform Movement

Posted on What's New Dorothy Scheeline on August 24, 2011

A lot of the people advocating for structural changes do so because we have problems with the established political culture. The group of people that is 18-29 right now has a lot of reasons to want deep systemic change soon. Because of this, I think that over the next decade we will see groups that are focused on young people intensify their advocacy efforts for election reform issues.

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Evolution of voting rights from 1789 to today must continue

Posted on What's New Right To Vote Blog, Jo Mckeegan on July 29, 2011

Often we sanctify the Founding Fathers and the Constitution that is the bedrock of our republic. But when it comes to voting rights, most of the founders were far off the mark from how we see the right to vote today. Consider the realities of the election of 1789, the first election of the new Congress. The overall number of people who were allowed to, and actually voted, was miniscule in state after state.

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Voting Rights Constitutional Amendment Gathers Steam

Posted on What's New Right To Vote Blog, Jo Mckeegan on July 22, 2011

 Nothing is more fundamental to democracy that a fully protected right to vote. That’s why it belongs in the U.S. Constitution.That's why we so pleased to share good news. Congressman Jesse Jackson, Jr. has introduced HJR 28, the Right to Vote amendment. If you want to support HJR 28, you can take action today. Without such a right specifically enumerated in our Constitution, our fundamental voting rights are at risk.   

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Rossello v. United States and the Right to Vote for Puerto Rico

Posted on What's New Jo Mckeegan on June 30, 2011

Brought in the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights  by former governor of Puerto Rico Pedro Rossello, Rossello v. United States addresses the lack of a right to cast a ballot and have such ballots counted in national elections for president and Congress by residents of Puerto Rico. Petitioner Rossello has been disenfranchised, along with all other residents of Puerto Rico, despite his American citizenship,  based solely on his area of residence within the United States. The case raises larger issues about voting rights for Americans who live in American "colonies" that are not states.

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