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Richie's May 5th Democracy Minute: Pluralities, Majorities and Fair Representation

Posted on What's New on May 02, 2011

  Fair voting according to cats (video) .... The impact of plurality rules versus majority rules ....California Top Two race on Tuesday reverses first-round outcome – a more democratic result that won’t be possible in Sept. 13th special election for U.S. House in Nevada. ..UK to vote for regional and local government with non winner-take-all voting methods, and could change method of election for House of Commons. ..Canadian elections remain under microscope. .. Redistricting and recount wars continue. 

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Richie's May 3rd Democracy Minute

Posted on What's New Tom Sanchez, Right To Vote Blog on May 02, 2011

Richie's Democracy Minute for May 3rd looks at news from Canada's federal election, the upcoming alternative vote referendum in the United Kingdom, recounts and redistricting.

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