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NYC Comptroller Calls for Electoral Reform, including Instant Runoff Voting

Posted on Quick News Michelle C. Whittaker on April 04, 2016

Among the Controller’s recommendations are reforms that FairVote also supports, including ranked choice voting (also known as “instant runoff voting”). Runoff elections also have much lower turnout and can disfranchise absentee and military overseas voters. Enabling instant runoff voting would give every eligible voter the ability to fully express their voice in a single, high turnout election.

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It's time to get out the vote... again.

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas on December 01, 2015
It's time to get out the vote... again.

Municipalities across the country held elections last month, as they do every November. But even if you are in the minority of voters who actually participate in elections that don’t coincide with presidential or congressional contests, your civic duties might not be complete just yet.

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Posted on What's New Robert Buderi on August 04, 2015

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