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How Did Women Candidates Fare in 2014 U.S. House Races?

Posted on What's New Claire Daviss on November 05, 2014

The results from the 2014 midterm elections are in. How did women candidates for the U.S. House do? Monopoly Politics 2014 projected the outcomes for 132 of the 162 women candidates for the U.S. House. Of those projections, at least 99% were correct. Find out what the midterm results mean for gender parity in elected offices, and why our projections matter.

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The Cart before the Horse (Race): FairVote Projections Showcase the Lack of Choice in House Elections

Posted on What's New Sarah John on October 30, 2014

With the 2014 midterm elections almost upon us, FairVote takes time out to compare several pundits' forecasts of the US House results with our own Monopoly Politics projections.  In doing so, we demonstrate the endemic lack of competition for US House seats.

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Winners and Losers among Women House Candidates in 2014 Midterm Elections

Posted on What's New Claire Daviss on October 22, 2014

The 2014 midterm elections are upon us. How will women candidates fair? Using Monopoly Politics 2014 projections, we find that the U.S. House will not move much closer to gender parity in 2014. If this election is indicative of a trend (and it seems to be), Representation 2020 reforms offer a faster path to gender parity.

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Strangeness of a One-Party Majority in New Zealand

Posted on What's New Sarah John on September 26, 2014

At the end of an unusual election campaign, New Zealand's Mixed-Member Proportional Representation (MMP) electoral system has delivered Kiwis a strong mandate for the current government, with the first time a single party has  won a majority of seats  since the nation replaced  U.S.-style plurality voting elections with MMP in 1993. The election also demonstrated many of the advantages that such fair representation voting systems have over the single-member plurality systems so often used in American elections. 

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Massachusetts Women Secure Nominations, But Still Far from Gender Parity

Posted on What's New Claire Daviss on September 16, 2014

Many consider women's success this week in Massachusetts primaries to be a big step toward gender parity. A closer look at Massachusetts reveals there is still a long way to go. Representation 2020's reforms present opportunities.

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Election of Women in our 100 Largest Cities: Disadvantaged by Districts

Posted on What's New Rob Richie on September 11, 2014

Our latest analysis on the proportion of women in the the nation's top 100 cities reveals dramatic disparity. Women are underrepresented in the large majority of U.S. cities. Women are, however, more likely to be represented in city councils that use citywide elections, as opposed to single member districts, to elect at least some of their city council members.

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Ethnic Minorities and Proportional Representation in Myanmar

Posted on What's New Sarah John on September 05, 2014

Having tentatively thrust off their military dictatorship, Myanmar actively debates adopting Proportional Representation for its legislature. (Photo Credit: Htoo Tay Zar, Wikicommons)

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