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Presidential Tracker: "Show Me the Money"

Posted on What's New Presidential Tracker, Katie P. Kelly on October 14, 2011

Fundraising played a large role in the events of the past month, but swing state visits are also gearing up. Check out this update for an analysis of the latest visits and a color-coded map state events. The disparity between state visits just may surprise you. 

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Presidential Tracker: "Every Corner of Every Swing State"

Posted on What's New Presidential Tracker, Katie P. Kelly on September 14, 2011

Historical trends are right on track with our Presidential tracker. As the general election comes closer, visits to states by the President are taking an interesting swing. 

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Bipartisan Over-Attention to Battleground States

Posted on What's New Katherine Sicienski on July 11, 2011

FairVote has recently blogged about the disproportionate attention that battleground states have received from President Barack Obama since his inauguration. But political calculation is thoroughly bipartisan. Witness how the Republican National Committee (RNC) is engaging in similar inequitable practices.

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Presidential Tracker: Following the Money...For Now

On Thursday, June 23rd, President Obama visited both Fort Drum and New York City and held a total of five events. According to the Washington Post, the three events in New York City were all Democratic National Committee fundraisers. Since his election, the President has attended a total of 59 fundraisers, 12 of which have been in New York. In fact, 50 of the president's 59 fundraisers as president have been in the ten states that donated the most money to Presidential campaigns in 2008.

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Presidential Visits: A Return to Ohio and the Influence of the Electoral System on Presidential Attention

Posted on What's New Katherine Sicienski on June 14, 2011

On Friday, June 3rd, President Barack Obama delivered remarks at the Chrysler Group Supplier Park in Toledo, Ohio.  This was his 22nd event in the state of Ohio since assuming the presidency. Yet since his inauguration in 2009, the President has yet to hold a single event in ten states: South Carolina, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Kansas, Utah, Nebraska, Idaho, North Dakota, South Dakota, or Vermont.

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Presidential Visits: Current Electoral College Rules Distort Attention

Posted on What's New Matt Morris, Presidential Tracker on April 20, 2011

Wonder why you never get to see the President? One reason may be that you don't live in a swing state. We know that presidential candidates concentrate their general election time and resources in the few states that can make or break their election. But it turns out that it's not so different once they get elected; a disproportionate amount of time is spent in those same states. One solution to this problem would be the National Popular Vote plan for president.

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