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Tracking Presidential Campaign Field Operations

Posted on What's New Andrea Levien on November 13, 2012

The most visible ways that Democratic and Republican presidential candidates show favoritism for swing states are through public campaign events and ad spending. However, tracking where candidates opened field offices is another useful method of measuring candidate attention. Unsurprisingly, field office placement in the 2012 presidential election showed a strong bias towards swing states. 

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Presidential Campaign Attention: Why Most States Aren't Worth Any Despite Their Generosity

Posted on What's New Andrea Levien, Presidential Tracker on November 01, 2012

For the past two months, FairVote has been highlighting the inequality that the winner-take-all method of allocating electoral votes perpetuates: swing states are targetted and safe states are not. However, another type of inequality to consider is the inequality this rule creates between wealthy and non-wealthy safe state residents. Wealthy residents in every state are targetted at fundrairsers, as they provide a good portion of the money funding the campaigns. Low and middle income swing state residents are targetted because they provide votes that could swing a state to one candidate or another. Low and middle income safe state residents, on the other hand, are out of luck.

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Yet Again, Just Three States Draw The Majority of Campaign Attention: Presidential Tracker Update, October 17, 2012

Posted on What's New Andrea Levien, Presidential Tracker on October 17, 2012

This election cycle, the three largest battleground states - Florida, Ohio, and Virginia, together representing about 12.5% of the nation - are receiving the majority of campaign attention as measured by both ad spending and campaign events with presidential and vice-presidential candidates. Florida and Ohio were among the three states in the same position in 2004 and 2008, but Virginia has displaced Pennsylvania as the third most coveted state.

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Swing States and Swing Media Markets: Presidential Tracker Update, October 3, 2012

Posted on What's New Andrea Levien, Presidential Tracker on October 03, 2012

There are 34 days left before Election Day, and the candidates have yet to campaign in 40 states since the end of the Democratic National Convention, which ended September 7. But don't take that to mean that the candidates are sitting on their laurels. Read here where the candidates have been spending their time and money during the month of September.  

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FairVote's Presidential Campaign Tracker: Past, Present, and Future

Posted on What's New Andrea Levien, Presidential Tracker on September 18, 2012

The presidential campaign has entered its final weeks, when presidential candidates travel and campaign across the country almost every day (in swing states), advertise on television hundreds of times a day (in swing states), and thousands of volunteers devote their weekends and evenings to getting out the vote (in in swing states). This election cycle, FairVote is continuing our efforts to track the candidates’ travel and television ad spending, just as we did in the 2004 and 2008 campaigns and throughout President Barack Obama’s time in office.

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Presidential Inequality, Barack Obama, and a Tale of Two Carolinas

Posted on What's New Andrea Levien on September 06, 2012

Our current Electoral College rules mean that a mere four percent vote shift can make all the difference in how a state’s voters experience the presidential election. There is no better example than North Carolina and South Carolina. 

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Convening in the Swing States: Why the parties are meeting in Florida and North Carolina

Posted on What's New Andrea Levien, Presidential Tracker on August 27, 2012

Was it the hope of swing state victories that led the Republican and Democratic parties to decide to host their conventions in Charlotte, North Carolina and Tampa, Florida? Evidence suggests that it was, even if that may not mean much in terms of either campaign’s ability to win those states.

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Swing States of America: Candidate Tracker and News, August 17

Posted on What's New on August 16, 2012

Mitt Romney's choice of Paul Ryan could improve his chances in Ryan's home state of Wisconsin, but by how much? Will the overperforming economies of many swing states give President Obama victory in November? 

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Swing States of America: Candidate Tracker and News, August 6

Posted on What's New Presidential Tracker on August 03, 2012

Nationwide polls remain close, but recent swing state polling suggests that President Barack Obama is beginning to pull away from Mitt Romney in the few states that will decide the 2012 presidential election. Obama attempts to further increase this lead with another week of swing state campaigning.

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Swing States of America: Candidate Tracker and News, July 10

Posted on What's New Erin Ellis, Jared Gay on July 10, 2012

President Obama campaigns in swing state Iowa and Romney in swing state Colorado; mobilizing black female voters could be a tiebreaker for Obama; Missouri, now a red-leaning state, is becoming "irrelevant."

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