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The Role of Proportional Representation in the New Hampshire Primary

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on January 10, 2012

Today New Hampshire will hold its primary. New Hampshire's 12 delegates are up for grabs. These delegates will be allocated proportionately, and not by a winner-take-all system of allocation.

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Understanding how the Iowa caucuses work — and don't work

Posted on What's New on December 01, 2011

The national media is in a frenzy about the Republican contest in tonight’s Iowa caucuses. Unfortunately, most journalists seem to be getting the story wrong – and a key reason is not understanding or even thinking about the rules and their implications.

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Democracy Lost: the Iowa Caucus, the New Hampshire Primary, and the Shortchanging of American Presidential Politics

Posted on What's New Sheahan Virgin on November 23, 2011

Although balloting in the 2012 Republican nomination battle has just begun, the race already appears to be over after just two contests:  Iowa and New Hampshire. Such a result, in which the vast majority of the nation's voters are reduced to irrelevancy by an abbreviated primary process, is the newest chapter in a disturbing narrative of democratic ideals lost. Unlike most commentators, FairVote examines the preeminence of Iowa and New Hampshire with a critical eye, asking why two states with a combined 1.4% of the national population should possess a stranglehold on American presidential politics.

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Debate Exclusion Harms Voters

Posted on What's New Will Hix on June 23, 2011

The election of capable candidates is arguably the most direct impact that the citizenry can have in this process. Voters rely on the media to create accurate portrayals of each candidate and present a fair opportunity for credible candidates to make their case to their constituents. CNN failed to provide voters the opportunity to evaluate Governor Johnson, instead relying on opinion polls of dubious importance.

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Democrats to Shepherd States in Primaries?

Posted on What's New Paul Fidalgo on January 13, 2010

A new interview reveals that the DNC Change Commission is recommending that presidential primaries go regional.

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Super No More

Posted on What's New Paul Fidalgo on January 07, 2010

The Democratic National Committee's Change Commission, charged with finding ways to improve and reform the party's presidential nomination process, has released its recommendations, and while they are not nearly as sweeping as we would prefer, there is one particular change that will further democratize the process--should the party adopt the recommendations.

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