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How the Electoral College Became Winner-Take-All

Posted on What's New Devin Mccarthy on August 21, 2012

Electoral College electors weren't always chosen based on statewide winner-take-all rules. The first 13 U.S. presidential elections were messy and confusing, as each state used its own method for holding--or not holding--presidential elections.

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Swing States of America: Candidate Tracker and News, August 6

Posted on What's New Presidential Tracker on August 03, 2012

Nationwide polls remain close, but recent swing state polling suggests that President Barack Obama is beginning to pull away from Mitt Romney in the few states that will decide the 2012 presidential election. Obama attempts to further increase this lead with another week of swing state campaigning.

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The Current Electoral College is Like the World Series (Which is Why We Need to Change It)

Posted on What's New on July 02, 2012

If you've followed the debate over the Electoral College, you may have heard the argument that the College's structural similarity to baseball's World Series is a good argument for keeping its current winner-take-all rules. That argument is flawed. 

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Why James Madison Wanted to Change the Way We Vote For President

Posted on What's New on June 18, 2012

James Madison helped to create the Electoral College, but he never supported the way we vote for our presidents today. Find out what Madison would change about our current electoral system.

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Dispelling the Major Legal Arguments Against the National Popular Vote Compact

Posted on What's New Jessica Heller on June 11, 2012

Opponents of the National Popular Vote Compact have put forward various legal arguments against the NPVC, including that it violates several provisions of the U.S. Constitution as well as the Voting Rights Act.  However, the NPVC is well within the constitutional and legal bounds of state power, and should withstand any legal challenges.

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The Constitutionality of the National Popular Vote: Refuting Challenges Based on Article II, Section One

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on June 07, 2012

The National Popular Vote plan withstands major constitutional challenges raised by opponents. Particularly, when analyzed in light of McPherson v. Blacker, it is clear that NPV is valid under Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

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Romney Tracker: Swing states, fundraising states and who else?

Posted on What's New Jared Gay on June 05, 2012

We are tracking Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama's public events throughout this campaign season to see what their travel behavior reveals about our voting rules. This post focuses on Mitt Romney's events since April 24, 2012. 

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Presidential Tracker: The Orphaned States of America

Posted on What's New Jared Gay on May 15, 2012

Two weeks ago, voters in South Carolina looked on as President Obama passed them by once again. Since coming into office in 2008, the president has held 18 events in North Carolina, yet has not once held any sort of event in South Carolina. Geographically, religiously, and historically, the Carolinas are quite similar. The big difference: In 2008, President Obama won North Carolina with 49.9%, but lost South Carolina with 44.9%.That modest difference means everything given the way states currently cast their electoral votes.

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Presidential Campaign Strategies Based on Swing States

Posted on What's New Chris Beaulieu on May 04, 2012

Both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are zeroing in on the swing states where either candidate could come out on top in the November elections. However, the unusual amount of attention given to certain states while others are essentially left by the wayside illustrates the problems with the Electoral College system.

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Presidential Tracker: New Evidence of our Shrinking Battleground

President Obama's travel patterns over the past  months have been leaning toward battleground and fundraising states. How does the whole of 2011 shape up? We summarize the past year and look at what is to come as the 2012 presidential election year comes into full swing. 

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