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South African Election Brings Another ANC Victory with Reservations

Posted on What's New Anthony Ramicone on May 20, 2014

South Africa's fifth general election since the end of the apartheid era brought another victory for the ruling ANC, but their support has been wavering. The proportional representation system, originally advocated by Mandela, has brought proportional outcomes to South African elections.

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New Constitutions Provide Opportunity for Electoral Change in Egypt, Tunisia

Posted on What's New Matthew Bugajski on January 21, 2014

Egyptian voters approved a new constitution last week, and Tunisia's National Constituent Assembly is on the verge of passing a new constitution as well. What does that mean for elections in the two fledgling democracies?

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Ranked Choice Party List: Raising the Threshold in Israel Without Hurting Arab Israelis

Posted on What's New on January 13, 2014

Proposals to raise the threshold of election in Israel's proportional representation system have proved controversial. Our innovative ranked choice proposal could remove that controversy.

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Zimbabwe: Fairer Election Methods, but Trouble at the Polls

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas, Matt Sommerfeld on August 19, 2013

The addition of proportionally allocated seats in Zimbabwe's parliament is a positive development, but one that has been overshadowed by concerns over the legitimacy of recent elections.

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Winner-Take-All Elections Exacerbate Kenya's Ethnic Tensions

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas, Sara Helmi on May 02, 2013

Kenya's use of winner-take-all elections provides few incentives for inter-ethnic cooperation. Proportional representation could help bridge the country's ethnic divides.

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The Future of Egyptian Democracy Hinges on the Fight Over Its Electoral Law

Posted on What's New on March 12, 2013

 Over two years since the Arab Spring ousted President Hosni Mubarak and brought the promise of democracy to Egypt, it is clear that that promise is threatened. While most of the media covers the protests and riots in the streets of Cairo and Port Said, the battle that may ultimately decide the fate of Egyptian democracy is being fought over Egypt's new electoral law. The key issue is proportional representation. 

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Israeli Election Results Show Responsiveness of Proportional System

Posted on What's New on January 24, 2013

As Tuesday's Israeli elections show, proportional representation systems guarantee that voters can change their government when they are unsatisfied with its performance. 

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Everything You Need to Know About Israeli Elections Before Election Day

Posted on What's New on January 04, 2013

Understanding the Israeli electoral process is not easy when coming from an American perspective, because Israeli elections are nothing like American elections. The election that will be held in Israel on January 22 will be different from the 2012 elections in the U.S. in almost every conceivable sense.

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Libya's 'Hybrid' Election Rules and Why They Are Less Than Ideal

Posted on What's New Arab Spring Series, Erin Ellis on July 05, 2012

On July 7, Libya will hold its first democratic elections since 1964. FairVote explains Libya's hybrid election system for the 200-seat General National Congress and how it could be better if all seats were elected by a form of proportional representation.

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Lessons Learned from Egypt's Presidential Runoff: The Case for Using an Instant Runoff Ballot

Posted on What's New Arab Spring Series, Erin Ellis on June 15, 2012

On June 14, Egypt's high court disbanded the nation's parliament elected last winter, arguing that the candidates should have run without party affiliation. The ruling makes this weekend's presidential election all the more important, as the president will become the only national government leader who has been elected and will not have a parliament to check his decisions. This blog post analysis thus takes on even greater importance.

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