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Ukrainian Elections Are Another Example of Partisan Bias Caused by Winner-Take-All

Posted on What's New Sara Helmi on November 26, 2012

Think the U.S. House elections had a structural bias in favor of one party? The partisan bias in Ukraine's parliamentary elections, held just a week before the American elections, was even worse. 

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France May Introduce a Little Bit of Proportional Representation to its Legislative Elections

Posted on What's New Sara Helmi on November 12, 2012

Proportional representation may be coming to the French legislature--or at least 10% of it.

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Putin's United Russia Wins Resounding Victories in Local Elections

Posted on What's New Sara Helmi on October 18, 2012

As the results of Russia's October 14 local elections show, the rumors of United Russia's death have been greatly exaggerated. But did Vladimir Putin's party manipulate Russia's electoral laws to keep power?

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Opposition Parties Win First Round of Lithuanian Elections

Posted on What's New Sara Helmi on October 16, 2012

Lithuania's conservative government is likely to be toppled following a defeat in the October 14 national elections. Lithuania uses a combination of open list proportional representation and a winner-take-all runoff system based on geographic constituencies to elect its legislature.

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Major Media Gets it Wrong on Hong Kong Elections

Posted on What's New Sara Helmi on September 24, 2012

Hong Kong's pro-democracy parties did not perform as well as expected in the September 9 Legislative Council elections. The New York Times would have you believe that the disappointing result can be blamed on Hong Kong's proportional representation system. But that explanation is misleading and distracts from the real problems of the city's electoral structure.

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Electing Lords: A Unique Opportunity for Electoral Reform in the British Upper House

Posted on What's New on July 31, 2012

A lordship, by its very definition, has historically not been an elected office. But there is a strong movement in the British House of Commons to transform the upper house of the British parliament, the House of Lords, into a largely elected body based on proportional representation. This reform is long overdue. 

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Libya's 'Hybrid' Election Rules and Why They Are Less Than Ideal

Posted on What's New Arab Spring Series, Erin Ellis on July 05, 2012

On July 7, Libya will hold its first democratic elections since 1964. FairVote explains Libya's hybrid election system for the 200-seat General National Congress and how it could be better if all seats were elected by a form of proportional representation.

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Mexico's Divisive Presidential Election System

Posted on What's New Warren Hays on June 19, 2012

With Mexican voters set to go to the polls on July 1, the country's three-party system combined with its winner-take-all presidential elections create a recipe for popular discontent with no end in sight.

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Lessons Learned from Egypt's Presidential Runoff: The Case for Using an Instant Runoff Ballot

Posted on What's New Arab Spring Series, Erin Ellis on June 15, 2012

On June 14, Egypt's high court disbanded the nation's parliament elected last winter, arguing that the candidates should have run without party affiliation. The ruling makes this weekend's presidential election all the more important, as the president will become the only national government leader who has been elected and will not have a parliament to check his decisions. This blog post analysis thus takes on even greater importance.

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Hanging by a Thread: Egyptian Democracy After the June 18 Coup

Posted on What's New Erin Ellis on June 15, 2012

In the aftermath of a military "coup" staged on June 18, the future of Egyptian democracy looks precarious. In retrospect, the situation might have been prevented if Egypt had used proportional representation to elect its parliament in the first place. 

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