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Egypt's parliamentary elections — The roots of a democracy in denial

Posted on What's New Arab Spring Series, Wael Abdel Hamid on January 18, 2011

In 2010, Egypt held parliamentary elections which were widely criticized at home and abroad as corrupt and anti-democratic. Of particular concern was the fate of the Muslim Brothers, who had risen to prominence as the main opposition party in the 2005 elections, only to be swept completely out of Parliament in 2010.This article makes a little overview of Egyptian institutions before analyzing the roots of the last Egyptian electoral crisis. 

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Jordan: Boycotts and Tribalism Question Election's Credibility

Posted on What's New Andy Andrianantoandro on October 20, 2010

Jordan’s parliamentary elections took place on November 9 after a year of direct rule by King Abdullah II

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Does mandatory voting restrict or expand democracy?

Posted on What's New Wael Abdel Hamid on October 18, 2010

Does mandatory voting restrict or expand democracy? For many people who have never heard about the idea, mandatory voting sounds very strict: requiring people to go to the polls on Election Day. In the United States, it seems strange to present an action many consider a right as a required duty. Nevertheless, in many foreign countries, mandatory voting (sometimes referred to as compulsory voting) is an obvious democratic option.

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Brazil's Presidential Hopefuls Face Runoff, National Congress Needs Reform

Posted on What's New Andy Andrianantoandro on September 28, 2010

On October 31st, a runoff will take place in Brazil’s presidential election. The leading candidate, Dilma Rousseff of the Worker’s Party (PT), failed to gain the 50% majority needed during the first round on October 3rd with just 47%.

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Mayoral Elections in Paris: Lessons from its Electoral College-type system

Posted on What's New Jules Leconte on August 05, 2010

Although France elects its president in high turnout national popular vote elections, its three largest cities, Paris, Marseille and Lyon elect their mayors in a way that is strikingly similar to how American presidents are elected.

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Australia to Hold National Instant Runoff Voting Elections on August 21

Posted on What's New Cathy Le on August 05, 2010

Just three weeks after becoming Australia’s first female prime minister, Julia Gillard announced national elections would be held on August 21, 2010.  

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"Presidential Elections" in Cyprus: Part 4

Posted on What's New Amanda Naldjieff on May 07, 2010

"...And the Results Are In!"

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"Presidential Elections" in Cyprus: Part 3

Posted on What's New Amanda Naldjieff on May 07, 2010

"How Does an "Election" within an Unrecognized State SIgnificantly Affect the International Community?"

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Iraq's 2010 Parliamentary Election — Part 7: Politics Blowing Up Democracy

Posted on What's New Pauline Lejeune on April 29, 2010

Pauline Lejeune is analyzing the post-election situation in Iraq.

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French Regional elections: With "proportional" system, the devil is in the details...

Posted on What's New Pauline Lejeune on April 27, 2010

On March 14th and 21st, French voters elected their 26 regional councils. A main point of interest, beyond the results, is how the semi-proportional system used for the regional elections distorts the electoral dynamics, and how well represented women are.

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