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The Case for Ranked Choice Ballots for Military and Overseas Voters

Posted on What's New on August 14, 2013

States and local jurisdictions that use runoff elections with sequential balloting seem to be stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to respecting the votes of their deployed military and other absentee voters. Ranked choice voting gives these places the best of both worlds.

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FairVote's Fix for Top Two in California

Posted on What's New on June 18, 2013

FairVote has consistently been at the forefront of critical analysis of Top Two. Now, we are proud to announce a new Policy Perspective detailing a simple reform that could help to resolve nearly all of Top Two's maladies in a way that both accommodates the goals of Top Two supporters and the criticisms of its opponents. 

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Help FairVote MN's Ranked Choice Voting Video Win Thousands of Dollars For Fairer Elections!

Posted on What's New on May 15, 2013

Today is the last day to show your support for ranked choice voting and FairVote Minnesota in the [email protected] contest. Vote now!

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When Barack Obama Was a Leader in Seeking Fair Voting Systems

Posted on What's New Rob Richie, Drew Penrose on December 20, 2012

President Barack Obama has a lot on his mind these days, but the state of our democracy remains critical. Fortunately, judging by Obama's record in the Illinois Senate --where he was the prime sponsor of legislation to advance cumulative voting and instant runoff voting - we haven't had a president as informed about good ideas for taking on electoral reform since James Madison and the founding generation. 

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FairVote's First Take on RCV Elections in Four Bay Area Cities

Posted on What's New Mollie Hailey on November 12, 2012

Ballots for Tuesday’s ranked choice voting (RCV) elections in four cities in the Bay Area are still being counted, but it is clear that RCV has again worked well. FairVote found that voters used the system effectively, election officials were smart to make it a true "instant runoff" and candidates of color again were elected in high numbers.

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New Report Analyzes the Effect of Top Two in Washington State

Posted on What's New Drew Penrose on October 25, 2012

 The Top Two primary system has drawn increasing attention as a way to reform our elections. Instead of conducting ordinary partisan primaries, Top Two jurisdictions run an open preliminary in which all candidates run against each other irrespective of party label. Then, the two candidates who receive the most votes run against each other again in the general election. In a new report, FairVote takes a "just the facts" approach to how Top Two has operated in Washington State since 2008.  

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FairVote Report: Low Turnout Plagues U.S. Mayoral Elections, but San Francisco is Highest

Posted on What's New on October 24, 2012

A new dataset compiled by FairVote reveals that low voter turnout is pervasive in recent mayoral elections in the 22 largest U.S. cities.

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Revealing Evidence of Who Votes — and Who Doesn't — in Local Elections

Posted on What's New Stephen Mortellaro on September 27, 2012

Demographic data reveals interesting trends in voter turnout in the recent Takoma Park election using instant runoff voting.

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Todd Akin and Non-Majority Rule

Posted on What's New on August 24, 2012

Having just completed his 6th term in the U.S. House, Republican Todd Akin is widely known as Missouri's controversial Senate candidate. As the media scorns his comments about rape and pregnancy, many wonder how Akin came to office in the first place, which presents an opportunity to step back and examine the system that put him in power. What have we got here? A case of plurality voting and the unrepresentative legislator.

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North Carolina's Miniscule Runoff Turnout Undercuts Legitimacy

Posted on What's New on July 23, 2012

A higher percentage of Americans believe in vampires than voted in North Carolina's July 17th primary runoff for nominations for Congress and key statewide offices. Unless North Carolina wants to risk a vampire or a similarly extreme candidate winning an election, it needs to change its runoff system. Instant runoff voting is the solution. 

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