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It's time to get out the vote... again.

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas on December 01, 2015
It's time to get out the vote... again.

Municipalities across the country held elections last month, as they do every November. But even if you are in the minority of voters who actually participate in elections that don’t coincide with presidential or congressional contests, your civic duties might not be complete just yet.

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Voter Turnout Lags in America's 22 Largest Cities

Posted on What's New Jessica Kincaid on June 12, 2014

Mayors of nearly half of America’s 22 largest cities were elected by fewer than one in five registered voters – and in two of these cities more than nine in ten registered voters stayed home.

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UCLA Uses RCV to Elect a More Representative Student Government

Posted on What's New Ben Petit on May 15, 2014

In a highly competitive election that brought over 8 thousand voters to the polls, students at UCLA used ranked choice voting (RCV) to elect student government officials last week. With 30 candidates vying for 13 offices, these elections showed that ranked choice voting can help students to elect officers that represent a broad range of voices in a large and diverse community.

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FairVote Survey Shows Support for Takoma Park Voting Reforms

Posted on What's New on April 11, 2014

An exit survey conducted by FairVote demonstrates that Takoma Park's bold new voting laws have widespread support among voters.

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The Role of Ranked Choice Voting in 2013

Posted on What's New Rob Richie, Drew Penrose on November 29, 2013

If you followed the local elections and the special elections that took place in 2013, you probably heard some stories about ranked choice voting - and there's a good chance they were positive.

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Top Two (With a Twist) for Oregon?

Posted on What's New on October 18, 2013

In 2008, Oregon voters rejected a ballot initiative for a Top Two system by a nearly two-to-one vote. In 2014, Top Two may be back on the ballot, but this time tied to a famous Oregonian name and with a twist.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts Voters Elect City Council and School Committee Using Ranked Choice Voting and Multi-Member Districts

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas on October 04, 2013

Voters in Cambridge, Massachusetts elected a new city government earlier this month, using ranked choice voting in multi-member districts as they have in every municipal election since 1941. This year's contest provides another illustration of the advantages of this system, including fair representation of minorities, reduced negative campaigning, and greater voter satisfaction.

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