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Learning a Lesson from Egypt's Universal Voter Registration

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on December 07, 2011

Egypt recently began the process of electing members to its People's Assembly. Egypt's parliamentary elections provide an example for the United States worth taking note. Egypt uses a system of universal voter registration, which helped bring large numbers of voters to the polls. FairVote believes this type of universal voter registration would modernize and improve the type of voter registration in American elections.

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"Mr. Normal" Francois Hollande to Face French President Sarkozy

Posted on What's New Hã¼seyin Koyuncu on November 23, 2011

Francois Hollande, the so-called “Mr. Normal” of French politics, will now represent the Socialist party in the April 2012 general election as his party seeks to unseat incumbent first-term president Nicolas Sarkozy. The party’s most critical challenge will be to unite behind its official candidate, lest bitter feelings and ideological squabbling endanger the party’s chances against Sarkozy. Those focused on electoral process are particularly interested in how Hollande won France's first-ever national primary to pick a major party nominee

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Irish presidential election with instant runoff voting: Voter choice without "spoilers"

Posted on What's New on November 04, 2011

Our political leaders are again rolling the dice with the American people. Rather than pursue statutory solutions to potential electoral landmines, they've left intact a set of electoral rules that aren’t designed for elections where voters have more than two choices. Ireland last month showcased a better way in its elections. As with all other well-established democracies with presidential elections, Ireland elects its president based on a national popular vote. It uses instant runoff voting to uphold the goal of majority rule. 

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A guide to French Socialists' presidential primary

Posted on What's New Hã¼seyin Koyuncu on October 07, 2011

 With less than one week until the first round of the socialist primaries on October 9, the haziness presently reigns about voter participation in the first-ever open primary..  According to a poll conducted by CSA (Conseil Social Analyse) 67% of supporters of the Socialist party (PS) admit to not knowing on which issues to vote during the primaries,   which are to take place on October 9th and 16th. 

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French Socialists to hold their first US-style primary

Posted on What's New Hã¼seyin Koyuncu on September 21, 2011

The French Socialist Party (PS) is defined as the main opposition to the ruling party. It is one of the largest political parties in French political life. On October 9th and 16th, the PS will hold the first open presidential primary in French history. Privately administered by the party itself, the election will be in two rounds, unless one member obtains an absolute majority in the first round. The winner of the primary will be the Socialist nominee for president. 

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Lebanon Discusses Adopting Proportional Representation

Posted on What's New Arab Spring Series, Jais Mehaji on July 19, 2011

Though not undergoing the same kind of upheaval as in Tunisia, Egypt, or Syria, Lebanon has been experiencing some change from the Arab Spring movement. As true in all countries moving toward real elections, adoption of proportional representation voting systems is seen as a key goal.

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Does BBC mean "Bow Before Cameron" on AV?

Posted on What's New on April 25, 2011

 On May 5th, British voters will participate in their second-ever national referendum, deciding whether to replace plurality voting for House of Commons elections with the alternative vote (AV). The referendum outcome remains up in the air, but we already know two losers: prime minister David Cameron, who has shown he cannot be trusted, and the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation), the famed news source. 

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Local elections in France: Revealing rehearsal before 2012 presidential elections

Posted on What's New Wael Abdel Hamid on April 08, 2011

On March 20 and 27, French voters elected their local representatives. These representatives (general counselors) are chosen town-by-town, and gather by departments and elect their president to represent their fellow voters at the regional level. In other words, French local elections are a relatively minor step in the electoral calendar that will bring France to vote for its president in May 2012.

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Mayoral Elections in Paris: Lessons from its Electoral College-type system

Posted on What's New Jules Leconte on August 05, 2010

Although France elects its president in high turnout national popular vote elections, its three largest cities, Paris, Marseille and Lyon elect their mayors in a way that is strikingly similar to how American presidents are elected.

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"Presidential Elections" in Cyprus: Part 4

Posted on What's New Amanda Naldjieff on May 07, 2010

"...And the Results Are In!"

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