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Kenya Visit Shows Youth Vote Key in Next Presidential Election

Posted on What's New Tyler Sadonis on April 24, 2012

After a disputed election in 2007 caused violence and chaos across Kenya, the youth are organizing to ensure a different outcome when Kenyans return to the polls in 2013 to elect a new president.

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Happy 200th Birthday to the "Gerry-mander"

Posted on What's New Tyler Sadonis on February 17, 2012

Saturday February 11, 2012 marked the 200th birthday of the "Gerry-mander." With 2012 redistricting plans taking shape, gerrymandering continues to be prevalent. FairVote advocates for an alternative reform to fundamentally change the way we draw district boundaries.

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The Supply Side: Alternative Reform Approaches to Campaign Finance

Posted on What's New Tyler Sadonis, Joe Witte on January 26, 2012

Last Saturday marked the two-year anniversary of the controversial U.S. Supreme Court ruling in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. Citizens United overturned decades of campaign finance law by extending First Amendment protection to political expenditures by corporations and unions. Most reformers focus on how to affect the supply of money in politics, whereas FairVote focuses on electoral reforms that will reduce the demand for money in politics by reducing the impact of money.

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Remember Young People in Maryland's April Primary

Posted on What's New Tyler Sadonis on November 07, 2011

17-year-old primary voting is a great way to start getting young people involved in the political process. Unfortunately, many election and party officials do not promote it.

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