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What if We Used the Electoral College to Elect State Governors?

Posted on What's New Nathan Nicholson on October 15, 2014

Ever imagine it would be a good idea to elect governors with a state-level Electoral College? We tested the idea in Oregon and Pennsylvania and found some remarkable results: only 10 of Pennsylvania’s 67 counties and only seven of Oregon’s 37 counties would be in play, and one party could win the governor’s race while losing big in the popular vote. Electing governors by a popular vote respects every vote - and so would enactment of the National Popular Vote plan for president. 

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Fighting Misconceptions about a National Popular Vote for President

Posted on What's New Nathan Nicholson on September 12, 2014

Yes, voters in 146 counties could theoretically elect a president under NPV. Why that’s no problem – and why our current system is much, much worse. 

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