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Internet voting: If ever made secure, would it improve election turnout?

Posted on What's New Loqmane Jamil on April 11, 2011

The phenomenon of low voter turnout is not new but has become worrisome by its recurrence. In the United States voters are turning out in smaller numbers each year in certain elections like primaries and choosing city leaders. With the advent of new technological means of communication be a means to fight against the disaffection toward politics so many Americans seem to feel? Some like internet voting, but it's not ready for governmental elections.

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Celebrating Democracy Day on March 23: Curriculum from Rock the Vote and FairVote

Posted on What's New Loqmane Jamil on March 04, 2011

 Beginning on March 23rd, students across the country will have the chance to learn about something that many of us take for granted - and not enough of us exercise - our right to vote.

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Mock elections: an innovative way to introduce voting to students

Posted on What's New Loqmane Jamil on January 31, 2011

One measurement of the health of our democracy is the participation of the citizens. Unfortunately, voter turnout in the United States, (especially in non-presidential elections) is among the lowest of any democracy in the world. Here at FairVote, we seek to generate a greater focus on that problem starting in our schools- and explore ideas like mock elections to encourage voting from a young age.

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Three Steps to a Smart Vote for the Upcoming Election

Posted on What's New Emily Hellman, Loqmane Jamil on October 14, 2010

At FairVote, we acknowledge elections can sometimes be confusing. As voters, we occasionally need to check the rules, too. However, with a few good resources voting does not need to be intimidating. Below are three steps to make your vote count.

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