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A Brief History of Ranked Choice Voting

Posted on What's New Krist Novoselic on August 26, 2015

Ranked choice voting is not a new idea. It is constitutionally protected and has a long history in our nation. The reform is reemerging as an alternative to the two round voting use in non-partisan municipal election, and it can also work in partisan elections.

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PR Proposal For California: Interview with Michael Latner

Posted on What's New Krist Novoselic on October 26, 2011

Prof. Michael S. Latner recently published a paper this year on proportional representation in California. He summarized the importance of replacing winner-take-all with a fair voting system:  "This speaks to the question of genuine reform versus sort of superficial reform. If we had moderate Republicans elected from the most populous areas of the state and more moderate Democrats coming from central valley and the mountain regions, then you would see a genuine change in the partisan composition of the legislature; because they would be representing people who right now aren’t being represented in the legislature.  It would be more genuine reform."

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Dawning Digital Democracy

Posted on What's New Krist Novoselic on July 29, 2011

If we see the new forms of association as a movement itself, then we are at the beginning of that rare moment of change.

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By Any Other Name - It's A Party

Posted on What's New Krist Novoselic on June 29, 2011

It’s only a matter of time when the right combination of political message and social networking will capture the imagination of enough people to bring in a successful new party to American politics. And it will happen, in part, when this group admits that they are actually a political party!

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Who Will Own the Millennial Vote?

Posted on What's New Krist Novoselic on November 23, 2010

1992 was a big year for me. My band Nirvana not only had a number one record, we were credited for transforming rock music itself. There was not only a musical realignment that year; young people, a coveted demographic, were also paying attention to the presidential election...

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The Next Step Beyond Honor and Sanity?

Posted on What's New Krist Novoselic on October 20, 2010

Moving beyond rhetoric and labels, Krist Novoselic, FairVote's Board Chair, discusses ways to reinvigorate the political system.Krist writes: "We’ve seen voters coalesce around a celebrity candidate, but we could very well soon see a celebrity-initiated new party."

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