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NPV Critic Response Series: The Electoral College

Posted on What's New Katie P. Kelly on October 06, 2011

Critics of the National Popular Vote (NPV) plan often make misleading or misinformed remarks and judgments. To address these remarks, we are launching a new blog series designed to address the latest arguments from opponents. We start today by first reviewing some important features of the current Electoral College system and how those features influence our critique of current state laws governing modern elections. Subsequent posts will address arguments specifically and directly respond to new criticisms.

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Pennsylvanians oppose congressional district system - but also status quo

Posted on What's New Katie P. Kelly on September 29, 2011

Poll numbers are useful in today's politics, but it is important to remember that the answers to other relevant questions may not always be present. Pennsylvanians oppose of Senate majority leader Dominic Pileggi’s proposal to allocate electoral votes by congressional district, but they also oppose the current system.

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Arlen Specter: Extra Money for Swing State Status

Posted on What's New Katie P. Kelly on September 28, 2011

As someone who has officially been a Pennsylvanian all of her life until this month, I can say that the debate over Electoral College reform occurring across Pennsylvania has had my close attention. Senator Arlen Specter's comment made it clear that the system is set up to serve special interests. Isn't it about time for the system to serve the American people?

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Presidential Tracker: "Every Corner of Every Swing State"

Posted on What's New Presidential Tracker, Katie P. Kelly on September 14, 2011

Historical trends are right on track with our Presidential tracker. As the general election comes closer, visits to states by the President are taking an interesting swing. 

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National Popular Vote Plan: Empowering Americans

Posted on What's New Katie P. Kelly on August 25, 2011

Despite its successes and the way it empowers individual Americans, the National Popular Vote proposal is still facing opposition. Under the status quo, too many people and their states are ignored during the campaign season. It is time to think about this proposal in a new way: a way that is not constrained by the framework of the current system.   

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