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The Constitutionality of the National Popular Vote: Refuting Challenges Based on Article II, Section One

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on June 07, 2012

The National Popular Vote plan withstands major constitutional challenges raised by opponents. Particularly, when analyzed in light of McPherson v. Blacker, it is clear that NPV is valid under Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution.

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Puerto Rico and Other Territories Vote in Primaries, But Not in General Election

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on March 19, 2012

The Republican presidential primary in Puerto Rico is a reminder of the lack of federal voting rights for Puerto Ricans and all U.S. citizens living in U.S. territories. Although citizens, they will be unable to vote in the general election for president and Congress.

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Legal Memo on Wisconsin Case Striking Down Voter ID Law Based on State Constitution

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on March 09, 2012

Check out our analysis of a recent Wisconsin case striking down the state's restrictive voter ID law and upholding the right to vote.

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Let's Get Voter Registration Right — and Make it Universal

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on February 13, 2012

Our broken voter registration system is a direct barrier to participation. In fact, if every single registered voter participated this November, we still would trail many nations in turnout. It won't take rocket science to ensure that every eligible voter is registered to vote and that all ineligible voters are not. It's time to make a national commitment to voting in the United States; doing so must include modernizing voter registration.

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South Carolina Primary: One Candidate May Easily Win All Delegates

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on January 20, 2012

South Carolina's primary is on the horizon. Though the state has not played by the rules - and has been penalized by the Republican National Committee - the primary promises to be an exciting one. South Carolina's system of delegate allocation may potentially award all of the state's delegates, as well as a much-needed upswing in momentum, to the winning candidate as the race continues on toward Florida.

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The Role of Proportional Representation in the New Hampshire Primary

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on January 10, 2012

Today New Hampshire will hold its primary. New Hampshire's 12 delegates are up for grabs. These delegates will be allocated proportionately, and not by a winner-take-all system of allocation.

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Down the Rabbit Hole of Party Primary Rules

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on December 22, 2011

The time has almost come for all eyes to turn to Iowa and the rest of the states as they begin to hold their caucuses and primaries leading up to the 2012 election. But the world of primaries and caucuses is one of confusion, centering on party rules and overlapping state laws. My recent update of the Congressional and Presidential Primaries page on our website showed me just how complicated open, closed, semi-closed, and everything in between could be.

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Learning a Lesson from Egypt's Universal Voter Registration

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on December 07, 2011

Egypt recently began the process of electing members to its People's Assembly. Egypt's parliamentary elections provide an example for the United States worth taking note. Egypt uses a system of universal voter registration, which helped bring large numbers of voters to the polls. FairVote believes this type of universal voter registration would modernize and improve the type of voter registration in American elections.

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Response to "A rogue convention? How GOP party rules may surprise in 2012"

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on December 01, 2011

Following up on our recent article in Politico, we share our thoughts about the 2012 Republican National Convention, a few points about Rule 38's unit rule and its implication on delegates' voting methods, and finally, our response to critics who say we have misinterpreted the rules.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts Election Results — November 2011

Posted on What's New Elise Helgesen on November 10, 2011

FairVote often writes about ranked choice voting elections as they happen – indeed six cities voted with a ranked ballot this week. However, the history of choice voting in Cambridge, Massachusetts tells the tale of an American city that has successfully used this form of proportional voting to elect its city council and school committee officials for decades. Here are the recent election results for the city council and school committee races.

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