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Independent Commissions Win in Court - But What's Next?

Posted on What's New Drew Penrose on June 29, 2015

The U.S. Supreme Court made the right decision in upholding independent redistricting commissions, however these commissions still do not resolve the problems that come with single-winner districts. We need Congress to replace our current system with multi-winner districts with ranked choice voting to truly put the power back in the people's hands. 

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FairVote Files Amicus in New Jersey "Closed Primaries" Case

Posted on What's New Drew Penrose on November 11, 2014

Right now a federal court of appeals is considering the Constitutionality of New Jersey’s closed primary election system – and FairVote is weighing in as an amicus curiae party.

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Read FairVote’s Testimonies to Two State Government Reform Commissions

Posted on What's New Nathan Nicholson, Drew Penrose on November 10, 2014

Ohio and Virginia present unique opportunities for redistricting reform. See FairVote's recommendations to bipartisan reform commissions in both states.  

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FairVote Joins Voting Rights Case in Washington to Promote Fair Representation

Posted on What's New Drew Penrose on October 28, 2014

 Last week, FairVote filed an amicus curiae (friend of the Court) brief in Montes v. City of Yakima, a case brought against the city of Yakima, WA under the Voting Rights Act. You can read the brief here.

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