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Survey of California Republicans Has Revealing Results

Posted on What's New Dorothy Scheeline on February 29, 2012

Californians for Electoral Reform conducted a revealing survey of delegates to the California Republican Party state convention last weekend. By enumerating their preferences, California Republican activists give insight into their voting patterns.

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Portland's Biggest Winner: Democracy with Ranked Choice Voting

Posted on What's New Dorothy Scheeline on November 16, 2011

What shouldn’t be missed in the fray of post-election coverage in Maine is the glorious five minutes of pure democratic spirit that everyone experienced when the round-by-results results of the first ranked choice voting election for Portland's mayor were presented before everyone's eyes. In what other instance would you have every single candidate in the race, their supporters, the media, community members that were just curious, all in one room, waiting to hear the results? For those five minutes, there wasn't any politicking, just democracy in action.

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Portland Mayoral Election: One-Day Survey Results

Posted on What's New Dorothy Scheeline on November 07, 2011

FairVote conducted a one-day survey of 122 early voters on Thursday, November 3 participating in Portland's first mayoral election in nearly a century. The survey reveals that Portland voters find their new ranked choice ballot easy to use and have experienced a mayoral campaign that has promoted civic engagement.

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Occupy and Democracy Reforms: A Match Made in Heaven?

Posted on What's New Dorothy Scheeline on October 19, 2011

Democracy reforms have the unique ability to challenge the status quo in a way that fits in very well with the goals of the Occupy movement. It’s a nonpartisan solution to inequality that challenges corporate influence in politics by changing the system to focus more on the voter and less on the candidate. Changing the structure of our electoral system is the first step to creating a space for more voices and points of view within our political process. Maintaining the system we currently have- a stilted, two-party system with low voter turnout isn’t an option any more.

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The Next Generation of Reformers: Reasons for Young People to Get Involved in the Electoral Reform Movement

Posted on What's New Dorothy Scheeline on August 24, 2011

A lot of the people advocating for structural changes do so because we have problems with the established political culture. The group of people that is 18-29 right now has a lot of reasons to want deep systemic change soon. Because of this, I think that over the next decade we will see groups that are focused on young people intensify their advocacy efforts for election reform issues.

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