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Reforming California's Top Two Primary

Posted on What's New Cameron Ferrante on April 23, 2015

FairVote's new Policy Perspective discusses two statutory changes involving ranked choice voting to mitigate problems with California's Top Two Primary system and a third more comprehensive reform via a state constitutional change in order to increase voter choice and promote fairer representation.

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Cumulative Voting Wins in Peoria

Posted on What's New Cameron Ferrante on April 08, 2015

Peoria, Illinois held an election yesterday for five of its city council seats in which voters had cumulative voting rights. Since 1991, Peoria has used cumulative voting to elect its five at-large City Councilmen, leading to increased minority representation. 

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FairVote Submits Comment Supporting Petition for More Inclusive Candidate Debates

Posted on What's New Cameron Ferrante on December 16, 2014

FairVote has submitted comments to the Federal Election Commission supporting Level the Playing Field in its mission to change the biased selection criteria for the presidential and vice presidential debates. FairVote supports alternative means of candidate qualification and believes the FEC should do more to encourage broad and open debates.UPDATE: Level the Playing Field has posted additional materials, including letters of support from the Campaign Legal Center and League of Women Voters here.

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