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UCLA Uses RCV to Elect a More Representative Student Government

Posted on What's New Ben Petit on May 15, 2014

In a highly competitive election that brought over 8 thousand voters to the polls, students at UCLA used ranked choice voting (RCV) to elect student government officials last week. With 30 candidates vying for 13 offices, these elections showed that ranked choice voting can help students to elect officers that represent a broad range of voices in a large and diverse community.

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Oregon State University Boosts Turnout With Ranked Choice Voting

Posted on What's New Ben Petit on May 02, 2014

Earlier this year Oregon State University decided to switch to ranked choice voting in hopes to boost turnout, increase participation, and ensure the winning candidate has support from a broad base of voters. The result was a doubling of voter turnout in comparison to last year's general election, more inclusive campaigns, and a widely supported president-elect. It's clear Oregon State reached, and even surpassed, its goals for RCV.

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Elections in India and Indonesia Highlight Differences Between Electoral Systems

India and Indonesia both held major elections this month. One country uses winner-take-all, the other proportional representation. That choice makes a difference.

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Humboldt State University Holds First Ranked Choice Voting Election

Posted on What's New Ben Petit on April 28, 2014

Humboldt State University adopted ranked choice voting for student elections in 2013. Last week ranked choice voting was used for the first time to elect a new student body president.

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Montgomery County Task Force Makes Waves for Local Voting Rights

Posted on What's New Ben Petit on April 09, 2014

With the release of its interim report on February 24th, the task force has set ambitious goals for the county’s elections, including adopting automatic voter registration, preventing partisan redistricting, improving civic outreach, bolstering voter turnout, and expanding civic education programs. The group has also announced plans to explore expanded suffrage for youths and people with felony convictions, ways to reduce wait times at the polls, and more inclusive ballot access laws.

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Students Laud Ranked Choice Voting in Georgetown University Election

Posted on What's New Devin Mitchell, Ben Petit on March 04, 2014

Georgetown elected its GUSA president using ranked choice voting last week, a system the school has used since 2006.

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