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Low and Unequal Turnout in Montgomery Co. (MD) Strengthens Case for Right to Vote Task Force Recommendations

Posted on What's New Austin Plier, Zack Avre on October 29, 2014

Analysis of voter turnout in Montgomery County, MD, illustrates the disparities in turnout among various age groups as well as significantly decreased participation in primaries compared to general elections. These findings strengthen the case for changes recommended by the County's Right To Vote Task Force.

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It's Time for a Constitutional Right to Vote, and a Truce in the Voting Wars

Posted on What's New Austin Plier on October 23, 2014

As the voting wars continue to be waged in courts across the nation, the case for a constitutional right to vote has never been so strong. 

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Wisconsin Supreme Court Ruling Highlights Need for a Constitutional Right to Vote

Posted on What's New Austin Plier on August 11, 2014

The Wisconsin Supreme Court's Decision to uphold the state's controversial voter ID law illustrates the need for an explicit, individual Right to Vote in the U.S. Constitution.

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