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World Cup of Democracy Goes to the Netherlands

While the FIFA World Cup will decide the best soccer team in the world, the World Cup of Democracy will decide the best democracy in the world. See how the tournament played out after the jump.

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Fix the Top Two Primary: Admirable Goals Don’t Justify Indefensible Outcomes

Posted on What's New Anthony Ramicone, Drew Penrose on June 11, 2014

California on June 3rd held its primary elections, which are conducted using a "top two" format. In this analysis, we assess the impact of top two and provide a solution for a way forward.

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Unorthodox Results in Iowa Primaries Make the Case for Ranked Choice Voting

Posted on What's New Anthony Ramicone on June 05, 2014

Iowa's primaries created distorted outcomes that show exactly why states need to consider ranked choice voting. 

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Mixed Results for Women in Most Recent Round of Primaries

Posted on What's New Anthony Ramicone on May 22, 2014

The most recent cluster of primaries had a host of female candidates. See who won and who lost – and what it likely means for changes in the Parity Index.

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Indian Election Results In BJP Victory, Disproportionality

Posted on What's New Anthony Ramicone on May 21, 2014

In India's election of the 16th Lok Sabha, the BJP appeared to win a landslide victory, winning a majority of seats. In reality, India's winner-take-all system generated significant disproportionality, artificially inflating BJP's mandate.

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South African Election Brings Another ANC Victory with Reservations

Posted on What's New Anthony Ramicone on May 20, 2014

South Africa's fifth general election since the end of the apartheid era brought another victory for the ruling ANC, but their support has been wavering. The proportional representation system, originally advocated by Mandela, has brought proportional outcomes to South African elections.

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