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Review: Michael Golden’s Unlock Congress: Reform the Rules – Restore the System

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas on July 16, 2015

FairVote's Andrew Douglas reviews Michael Golden's new book Unlock Congress: Reform the Rules – Restore the System, which is a rallying cry for reform to fix what ails our dysfunctional Congress.

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The Effect of Fair Representation Voting on 2013 Cambridge, Massachusetts Municipal Elections

Posted on Research Reports Andrew Douglas on February 12, 2014

Cambridge, Massachusetts is the only municipality in the United States to elect its city council through the at-large form of ranked choice voting, a form of fair representation voting. This report examines the effects of this system on the city’s 2013 city council and school committee elections, with a particular focus on comparing the outcome of the city council contest with the results of a simulated election using an alternative system: winner-take-all block voting.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts Elections a Model for America

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas on November 01, 2013

Cambridge, Massachusetts will elect a new City Council and School Committee on Tuesday through one of the nation's only ranked choice multi-seat electoral systems.  The system has unique advantages that lead to fairer and more representative outcomes for the city's voters.

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Disappearing "Crossover Legislators" Key to Resolving the Shutdown

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas on October 18, 2013

A group of moderate senators, many from states dominated by the opposing party, played a key role in bringing the shutdown to an end. Outdated electoral rules mean that the number of such legislators is on the decline.

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Ranked Choice Voting Vs. Block Voting: The Effects of Electoral Structure in Cambridge, Massachusetts

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas on October 04, 2013

Ballot data from November's Cambridge City Council election can be used to simulate a vote using block voting, the most common method for the election of city councils in the United States.  The results illustrate the value of the Cambridge system for ensuring fair representation of political and ethnic minority groups.

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Cambridge, Massachusetts Voters Elect City Council and School Committee Using Ranked Choice Voting and Multi-Member Districts

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas on October 04, 2013

Voters in Cambridge, Massachusetts elected a new city government earlier this month, using ranked choice voting in multi-member districts as they have in every municipal election since 1941. This year's contest provides another illustration of the advantages of this system, including fair representation of minorities, reduced negative campaigning, and greater voter satisfaction.

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Ranked Choice Voting and Australia's Upcoming Elections: A Primer

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas on August 30, 2013

In September 7th's Australian national election, ranked choice voting will allow voters to choose from a wide range of electoral options while eliminating concerns over "spoilers" and wasted votes.

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Zimbabwe: Fairer Election Methods, but Trouble at the Polls

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas, Matt Sommerfeld on August 19, 2013

The addition of proportionally allocated seats in Zimbabwe's parliament is a positive development, but one that has been overshadowed by concerns over the legitimacy of recent elections.

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Moderates Nearly Extinct in the U.S. House

Posted on What's New Andrew Douglas on August 07, 2013

While many Americans describe themselves as ideological moderates, centrists have become increasingly rare in the House of Representatives, where their decline has contributed to congressional dysfunction and polarization.  The pace of the decline of House moderates over the last forty years has been remarkable.

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